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FF7 Rebirth: can we play in advance with the PS5 tip from New Zealand?

 Find out how to play FF7 Rebirth before anyone else with the New Zealander trick. A practical guide for impatient fans!

Anticipation is building among fans of the Final Fantasy saga, with the imminent release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This long-awaited chapter promises to immerse players back into the rich and captivating universe of Midgar, continuing the fierce fight against Sephiroth. For the most impatient, a method allows you to anticipate the call and immerse yourself in the adventure before the majority of players across the globe.

The famous “New Zealand Trick” offers this tempting possibility, but it comes with some subtleties to master. This article walks you through the steps to playing FF7 Rebirth early, exploring the pros and cons of this approach.

Play FF7 Rebirth in Advance thanks to the New Zealand Trick!

Understanding the New Zealand Trick

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches at midnight local time on February 29, allowing regions like New Zealand and Japan to access the game before others. This time zone difference opens a unique window of opportunity for players elsewhere in the world, eager to begin their quest without delay.

Understanding the New Zealand Trick

Setting up the Trick on PS5

The process requires creating a new PlayStation account with a different email address and selecting New Zealand as the region. In some cases, using a VPN is necessary to hide your real location and simulate being in New Zealand.

After purchasing FF7 Rebirth on this new account, enable console sharing to access the game through your primary account when it releases in New Zealand. As long as the account remains active on your PS5, the game remains playable without requiring a second purchase.

Setting up the Trick on PS5

Advantages and disadvantages

This trick offers the excitement of discovering FF7 Rebirth before anyone else, a significant advantage for the most passionate fans. However, it involves navigating account setups and potentially using a VPN, steps that may put off some players.

An Alternative: Patience!

If the process seems too complex for you, waiting until the official release in your region remains a viable option. The digital release is scheduled for midnight local time, ensuring synchronized global access for digital gamers.

An Alternative: Patience!

The New Zealand tip for playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in advance appeals with its potential, but requires preparation and a clear understanding of the steps to follow. Whether you choose to move ahead of time or wait patiently for the official launch, the epic adventure that awaits you is worth it. Happy gaming to all Midgar adventurers!