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FF7 Rebirth max level: what is the level cap?

 Are you starting your adventure in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and are you already wondering what the maximum level is? We tell you everything!

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players embark on an epic adventure full of twists and surprises. You may be wondering what the ultimate limit of this ascension is, the famous maximum level you can reach in this captivating chapter of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Unlike previous installments in the series, which featured varying level caps, FF7 Rebirth sets a new milestone with a specific cap. For trophy hunters and perfectionists, knowing this limit is crucial. We tell you everything!

What is the maximum level in FF7 Rebirth?

The level cap in FF7 Rebirth is set at 70. This milestone, accompanied by the achievement “Grind It Out”, represents an ambitious goal for players, symbolizing mastery and determination.

What is the maximum level in FF7 Rebirth

How to reach level 70?

To raise your character to level 70, it is advisable to complete all the activities offered to you. Include side quests and miscellaneous jobs in your route, in addition to the main story. These additional activities not only enrich your gaming experience but also accelerate your level progression. There is little chance that you will reach the max level during your first game. However, you will get there very quickly by restarting the game with Hard mode. Note that Dynamic difficulty mode will help you level up faster.

How to reach level 70

Looking back, FF7 Remake's level cap was 50, making the increase to 70 in Rebirth both surprising and welcome. This increase provides more space for customization and exploration, improving the overall gaming experience.

It is important to note that reaching level 70 is not a necessity. If your enjoyment lies in discovering the story and immersing yourself in the world, grinding may be secondary. However, for those looking to achieve everything, aiming for the maximum level will get you closer to the Platinum Trophy.

How to reach level 70

You know everything you need to know about max level. You will also find certain items allowing you to level up more quickly, but you will not really need them.