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Food recipes in Enshrouded - the best set for an archer, warrior and mage


Food recipes in Enshrouded - the best set for an archer, warrior and mage

To survive and get significant stat boosts in open-world games, you need to find and cook edibles. Enshrouded has 3 biomes with a variety of ingredients that will temporarily boost your stats. In this guide we will talk about the most useful products and the optimal set for each class.

How to use food

Food is divided into several types:

  • Raw, edible - plants, roots, fruits and vegetables that can be found while exploring new territories or grown on your own farm. Give minor increases to parameters for a short time. Can be collected by finding bushes in the open world;
  • Raw, inedible - raw meat and poisonous mushrooms, which impose negative effects when consumed;
  • Fire-cooked is a dish that you can fry yourself, one unit at a time. It will take a little time by hand, but if you get distracted and overexpose the ingredient, it will turn into tar. This includes cooked raw meat and mushrooms. To start cooking, you need to add the product to the quick slot and sit by the fire. After opening the hearth at the Peasant Woman, you can fry such ingredients passively and in any quantity;
  • Cooked in a cauldron - completing the Peasant Woman quest line will open up a hearth for food. Place it in your home to create complex dishes when interacting with the Peasant Woman.
You can use raw food right away, dry it in a dryer, mix it according to Peasant’s recipe, or cook it over a fire. The more complex the cooking process, the more parameters you will receive, and the longer their duration will be.

You can use any three dishes (four if you take the Dessert perk in the Survivalist tree). You cannot eat the same type of food at the same time (for example, you cannot eat several vegetables, even if they give different gains). The duration will be indicated at the top left, below the mana bar, but the buffs will end once your health reaches zero.

The best food to start with

We have compiled a list of the healthiest and most affordable foods for a novice researcher:

  • Water is obtained from wells. The closest one is located in the center of Longkeep town. Grants +1 Toughness (+10 stamina) and +2 stamina recovery for 10 minutes. In addition, it is needed in huge quantities to create and maintain the operation of a farm;
  • Purple Berries - Bushes of this fruit are scattered throughout the first biome and can be identified by the blueberries on the branch. Gives +2 health recovery for 30 seconds. After unlocking the Huntress and building a dryer, you can create Dried Purple Berry. It will last 5 minutes, but restore +1 health ;
  • Roasted Lean Meat - Fire-cooked meat that can be harvested from local animals such as wolves. Adds +1 Constitution (+50 health) for 20 minutes;
  • Honey - comes from white beehives that hang on trees. When used, you will receive +15 stamina recovery for 3 minutes.

This basic set can be easily assembled and updated. As a result, you will gain more stamina, which will allow you to explore the environment faster, as well as additional health and its constant restoration.

The best food for a wizard

Mages have the main parameters - Spirit and Intelligence. By collecting the right set of dishes, you can significantly increase your damage and even kill mini-bosses while they are running at you.

  • Roasted red mushroom is a fire-cooked mushroom that can be found raw in the herb. Despite its red hat, it is not poisonous, and when finished it gives +2 Intelligence (+10% magic damage) for 20 minutes;
  • Chamomile tea - using the hearth, the Peasant woman can prepare a drink that increases stamina recovery (+5) and adds +2 Fortitude (+20 stamina) for 35 minutes;
  • Aureolin is a herb scattered in the first biome, with yellow flowers. The easiest way is to find a couple of seeds, then multiply and plant the area near the house in the “Seedlot”. For this, you will need water and bone meal. In its raw form it gives +2 Spirit (+40 to mana reserve) for 10 minutes;
  • Baked azure russula is a mushroom cooked over fire, hidden in the Veil. It has a characteristic blue glow but is poisonous in its raw form. Cooked russula adds +3 Intelligence (+15% magic damage) for 25 minutes.

The best food for an archer

A good archer needs a lot of Fortitude and Dexterity. There are many more food options than a wizard, but most recipes are unlocked after creating a hearth.

  • The tomato is a vegetable that grows on abandoned farms. It can be grown in the “Seedlot”, all you need is water. When consumed, the character will receive +2 Dexterity (+10% to ranged damage) for 10 minutes;
  • Vegetable soup - can be prepared at the Peasant Woman's if you have a fireplace and a reference book. Pepper can be found in the desert biome “Nomad Highlands” , you should have everything else in stock if you explore the world at least through story quests. Grants +4 Agility (+20% ranged damage) for 40 minutes. Can be replaced with vegetable puree, which only requires a hearth;
  • Chamomile tea is a consumable that every class can use. Adds +5 stamina recovery and +2 Toughness (+20 stamina) for 35 minutes. Chamomile can be found in large quantities in the forests of the second biome, which you will find after upgrading your Flame to level 3;
  • Roasted Meat - The archer has very little defense, so the extra health won't hurt in battle. Depending on the rarity, any cooked meat increases your maximum health.

The best food for a warrior

The Warrior focuses on melee damage and protecting allies. Extra health and stamina will help you tank more.

  • Roasted Meat - If you play with a two-handed weapon or rarely use a shield, then the meat will help significantly increase your health reserves. The higher the rarity of the monster from which the meat dropped, the more the Constitution parameter will increase ;
  • Hazelnuts are a grain product that can be found in Razgulny Forest. Visually, these are tall bushes (taller than the character) with brown seeds. In its raw form, the character will receive +3 Strength (+10% to melee damage) for 15 minutes;
  • Water - restoration of stamina and +10 to its total reserve will allow you to absorb more damage with the shield without lowering it.

As you move further through the story, you will discover new ingredients and more powerful recipes that you can use to replace our list. If a hidden recipe or rare dish appears in the game, we will definitely update the guide and tell you how to get it.