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Fortinte weapon trunks, where to find them in chapter 5?

 Are you looking for weapon chests in Fortnite in Chapter 5 to complete your challenges? We give you their locations on the map!

Cowabunga Quests are available in Fortnite! The Ninja Turtles are waiting for you on the game map! Whether you're exploring the dark sewers or searching for Raphael's famous saïs, you've come to the right place for epic challenges.

Many challenges allow you to collect exclusive rewards during this large-scale collaboration. The third phase of challenges has begun and among them, you are asked to search weapon chests. We explain how to do it and where to find it.

Where to find weapon chests in Fortnite in Chapter 5?

Fortnite has always been able to reinvent itself, and Chapter 5 is no exception. With the introduction of weapon chests, the game offers a new strategic dimension. These chests spread across the island, contain rare, epic, or legendary weapons, each enhanced with already installed accessories. This specificity offers a significant advantage from the start of the game.

The main attraction of these trunks is their fixed location. Once located, players can plan their landings and strategies around these points of interest. Fortnite being a game where knowledge of the terrain is key, and knowing these locations can prove decisive for victory. To recognize the appearance of a trunk in Fortnite, you can see them using your map. You will recognize the following icon:

Weapon Chests Icon in Fortnite
Weapon Chests Icon in Fortnite

Trunks are often found protected by non-player characters (NPCs), notably members of The Society. Defeating these guardians not only grants access to the coveted arsenal but also allows you to collect Society Medals, opening access to even more resources.

Where to find weapon chests in Fortnite in Chapter 5

Trunk locations, such as Classy Courts or Fencing Fields, are varied and strategically placed to encourage dynamic clashes. Each location offers a unique challenge and a potentially game-changing reward.