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Fortnite Combat Cache, how to participate in a search in chapter 5?

Find out how to collect Battle Caches in Fortnite in Chapter 5 to complete your quests for the week!

Fortnite continues to innovate, offering players ever more captivating challenges. The addition of cattle caches a perfect example of this. Introduced in previous seasons of the game, these caches now represent one of the best sources of high-rarity loot, replacing supply drops. Each match features a single cache, which quickly becomes the center of attention as soon as it appears on the map, as it is revealed to all players simultaneously.

Competition for a Battle Cache is intensifying, making its recovery a real challenge. Regularly, quests and challenges of the week ask you to open one. We tell you everything you need to know!

How to participate in a Battle Cache search in Fortnite?

To participate in the search of a Combat Cache, strategic patience is required. They only appear after the end of the second phase of the Eye of the Storm. Once this time comes, follow the visual and audio indications to locate the cache. A beam of light will indicate its location, with a color signaling the rarity of the loot inside. The sooner you collect it, the better the loot will be, starting at Legendary and degrading over time.

Strategies for Securing Your Battle Cache

  • Be the first there: Speed ​​is crucial. Quickly head to the cache as soon as it appears.
  • Build defenses: Once at the cache, build walls to protect yourself during recovery, if playing in construction mode.
  • Prepare for battle: Expect to face other players who will challenge your finding. Be prepared to defend your catch.
  • Interception: If an opponent begins the recovery before you, do not hesitate to intervene and take control.
Quest Tip: To make retrieving the cache count in your quests, make sure you are the one in control of the cache when it is opened.

How to participate in a Battle Cache search in Fortnite

Battle Caches in Fortnite offer an exciting opportunity to score high rarity loot, but they require speed, strategy, and caution.