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Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Team, what composition for your team according to the elements?

 Do you want to build the best team on Granblue Fantasy Relink? We give you our recommendations and the best characters by element!

In Granblue Fantasy: Relink, composing a team is essential for the endgame of the game which is of a difficulty significantly higher than that of the story. With an element-based combat system and 18 characters with unique abilities, the game offers strategic depth allowing players to build a team perfectly suited to the challenges that await them.

In this guide, we explain how to put together the best team by taking advantage of each character's elemental strengths to effectively confront your enemies. Whether through the agility of Lancelot in the Water element or the devastating power of Zeta in the Fire element, each character choice will be crucial to dominate the battles.

Which characters for the best team in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Your team can consist of up to four characters, forcing you to leave some fighters in reserve. This limitation encourages a flexible strategy where you adapt your team according to the enemies' elemental weaknesses. A character weak against one type of enemy can be replaced by another neutral or strong against this same type.

  • Fire: Zeta and Percival dominate with their high DPS.
  • Water: Lancelot combines DPS and control, while Katalina provides support and healing.
  • Earth: Cagliostro stands out for his support-healer role, and Eugen offers a balance between attack and defense.
  • Wind: Gran/Djeeta excels in DPS and support.
  • Light: Io and Ferry provide DPS and special abilities.
  • Darkness: Narmaya and Id maximize DPS damage.

Favor a DPS with a strong elemental type against your opponent to maximize damage. If your team is primarily DPS and you fear for your survival, consider adding a hybrid DPS/Healer character.

Although strategy comes first, personal preferences also play a role in the composition of your team. My favorite team consists of Narmaya, Io, Cagliosto, and Zeta, but I adjust according to the specific needs of each fight.

Which characters for the best team in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Best character for each element 

If you're looking for the best characters for each element, you'll find them below. Otherwise, you can consult our tier list.

  • Wind: Gran/Djeeta
  • Land: Cagliostro
  • Fire: Zeta
  • Water: Katalina
  • Darkness: Narmaya
  • Light: Io
Best character for each element

In Granblue Fantasy: Relink, mastering the elemental combat system and choosing your allies wisely are the keys to forging the best team. By taking into account each character's items, skills, and roles, you can face any challenge with confidence and strategy. Remember that flexibility and adaptability will be your best assets in this epic adventure.