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Helldivers 2 Automatons: who are these android enemies and how to defeat them?

 Want to know all the different Automatons you'll encounter in Helldivers 2? The complete list is given in this bestiary.

InHelldivers 2 , you find yourself on the front lines to defend Super Earth against a myriad of formidable enemies. Two main factions threaten your existence: the insectoid Terminids and the robot Automatons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Helldivers 2 features a varied and complex bestiary, pitting players against giant insects and advanced robots. Each enemy, from small Scavengers to towering Chargers, presents a unique challenge, requiring specific strategies to defeat. In this article, we focus more specifically on Automatons. If you want to know the complete bestiary, you should take a look at our article.

List of Automatons and how to defeat them in Helldivers 2:

Automatons can be much more difficult to take on than Terminids because they also have a lot of firepower at their disposal. You'll need some Defensive Stratagems when facing them, and Ballistic Shields or the Shield Generator Pack won't hurt either. Facing the automatons requires a more coordinated attack and careful consideration of the weapons you carry. Armor-piercing and anti-tank weapons are a must, as is making sure you have enough cover when approaching installations.

List of Automatons and how to defeat them in Helldivers 2

Brawlers and Commissioners (Brawlers and Commissars)

Regarding Brawlers, engage from a distance to minimize the risks in melee. As for the Commissioners, they must be one of your priorities since this unit can call for reinforcements, especially when a red light beam rises toward the sky.

Troopers and Scout Striders

Scout Striders are very fast and will continually shoot at you. You'll want to find cover when facing them and use armor-piercing weapons when you can. If you manage to get behind them, you will see the Automa who operates the turret. Although this is their weak point, it is much easier to simply eliminate the legs and stop them in their tracks.


Bersekers are not very resistant, but they are mainly deployed to flush you out of your possible hiding place thanks to their great speed. However, be careful of their melee damage. Eliminate them before they get too close.

Marauders and Devastators

Devastators are undoubtedly the most embarrassing units for you. Equipped with armored armor, these enemies can hurt you a lot from a distance, notably thanks to their rocket launchers or their machine guns. Use high-impact weapons to effectively neutralize them.

Colossi (Hulk Bruisers)

These large creatures are quite impressive and above all have a range of very varied and dangerous weapons. Despite this, they have several weak points such as their arms which are less protected by the armor, but especially their back, which is their real Achilles heel. Aim for him for a quick kill.


Finally, Tanks are scary, but really aren't your biggest threat. However, be careful with their ranged strike force which can surprise you sometimes. Their weak points? The turret. Attack the rear of it or use orbital strikes to defeat them.