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Helldivers 2: Does it have crossave (cross progression) between PC and PS5?

 We reveal to you if the new multiplayer shooter Helldivers 2 has the cross-progression function between PC and PS5 consoles to save all your account progress.

Helldivers 2: Does it have crossave (cross progression) between PC and PS5?

The new multiplayer shooter developed by Arrowhead and distributed by Sony, Helldivers 2, has already landed on PC and PS5 consoles to bring a lot of fun to its players. Now, if you haven't tried it yet and are thinking about tasting it, you probably ask yourself a common question. Does this game have crossave or cross-progression? If this worries you, go ahead and take a look at this entry in our guide in which we will answer you with all the details below.

Do you have crossave?

  • Currently, Helldivers 2 does not yet have cross-progression between its functions (also called crossave ), but it will be a feature that will arrive in the future with an update.

The cross-platform save function is not available between PC and PS5 consoles at the official launch of the game, at the time of writing these lines, so we will not be able to share all the unlocks, cosmetics, levels, and more that we have in our account between both platforms.

Fortunately, from support, the Arrowhead team has confirmed to the player community that cross-progression is a feature that they hope to incorporate into their game at a date yet to be determined. That is to say, Helldivers 2 will end up having crossave at some point in the future, but until then we will have to play without being able to share progress.

How to link your Helldivers 2 account between platforms?

Although as we write these lines Helldivers 2 still does not have crossave, it is worth explaining here how you can link your game account between PC (Steam) and your PS5 console. It's more than likely that in the future when cross-progress is included, you'll need to link the two platforms to share progress on your account without losing anything.

Luckily, linking both accounts is very simple :

  • The first time you start playing Helldivers 2, the game itself will prompt you to link your PC (Steam) account with your PS5 (PlayStation Network) account.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on your screen or tap "Link account" to link your accounts.
  • Then enter your account credentials to log in and link the accounts correctly.

    Remember that you can do the same thing that we have explained to you whenever you want, from the Helldivers 2 options menu. To do this, open the main menu and go to the "Options" tab. Once here, access the "Account" section to link your accounts.