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Helldivers 2: Does it have crossplay between PC and PS5?

 Here we show you if Helldivers 2, the new science fiction shooter for PC and PS5 from Arrowhead, has crossplay functions between these different platforms.

Helldivers 2: Does it have crossplay between PC and PS5?

Helldivers 2 has arrived on PC and PS5 consoles to offer a much more ambitious and larger sequel than its first part. The Arrowhead and Sony shooter has debuted dazzling many players around the world, and surely there will be many users interested in taking the leap to its proposal who will ask the following question: Does Helldivers 2 have crossplay or crossplay functions? between platforms? Is it possible to play with friends who have the game on a different platform than yours? If you want to know all the details about crossplay, we explain everything in this entry of our guide.

Does it have crossplay?

  • Yes, Helldivers 2 has crossplay features activated and available for PC and PS5 consoles.

Shortly before the game's official launch, Katherine Baskin, community manager at Arrowhead Game Studios, confirmed through an official post on the PlayStation blog that the game has had crossplay features from day one.

This means that players can play multiplayer with their friends from any available platform. Cross-play is available on both PC and next-generation PS5 consoles and no matter what platform you choose to play this shooter, you can always join or invite other players without having to share the same platform.

How to activate or deactivate crossplay?

Cross-platform cross-play in Helldivers 2 is enabled by default for PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam), so you should already have it enabled in your game without needing to do anything as soon as you start playing for the first time; In fact, in your initial settings you should go through a menu where you are allowed to choose whether or not to activate "Cross-platform play".

In any case, if you want to check if crossplay is activated, or would like to disable it for any reason, follow these steps :

  • From the main menu of the game, access the "Options" tab.
  • In this section enter the Gameplay section.
  • Now look for the option titled "Cross-platform play".
  • Here you can decide whether to set this option to "On" or "Off".

Remember that it is highly recommended to have the crossplay function activated to improve the matchmaking of games. Disabling cross-play may result in inconvenience when searching for matches or playing with your friends. Without crossplay you will only be able to play with other players who are on the same platform as you (and who have also disabled this feature), so matchmaking loading times may be quite long.