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Helldivers 2: Does it have PvP modes? (Player versus player)

 Wondering if Helldivers 2 has a mode dedicated to player-versus-player (PvP) battles? Here we explain if Arrowhead multiplayer includes this online functionality.

Helldivers 2: Does it have PvP modes? (Player versus player)

Helldivers 2 is, probably, since its premiere in February 2024, one of the candidates for best multiplayer game of the year. However, its playable experience is focused, as we know from its announcements and previews, on its cooperative aspect with friends. Are you wondering if there are also one or more PvP-focused modes to challenge other players in this title? Well, keep reading because in this entry of our guide, we answer this question quickly.

Does it have PvP features?

  • Helldivers 2 does not have PvP modes. That is, this game focuses solely and exclusively on cooperative multiplayer, without player versus player functions.

As was the case with the first installment, Helldivers 2 is a game designed for PvE, to collaborate with other players in teams of up to four characters and advance in a huge galactic war eliminating alien invasions. The context and lore of the game even emphasize this gameplay focus, encouraging the Helldivers to fight together for the glory of Super-Earth and its liberation.

Therefore, it would be a bit surprising if Helldivers 2 featured PvP modes. Its developers have not announced that they will implement something like this in the future nor is it considered in their roadmap for upcoming content. Although this possibility should not be ruled out, it does not seem very obvious that it will happen at some point.

However, an interesting detail must be noted: friendly fire is activated in Helldivers 2. This is a mechanic really designed to put players in a bind and make them have to watch their shots very carefully if they do not want to harm their teammates. team, but eventually you can also "take advantage" of its effect to combat each other. But whatever the case, we don't recommend it since it doesn't make much sense.

In short, if you were looking for a PvP game, it is better that you try another one.