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Helldivers 2: Does it have split screen for local co-op play?

 Would you like to play Helldivers 2 side by side with a friend via split screen? Here we tell you if the Arrowhead game has this important function for local cooperative.

Helldivers 2: Does it have split screen for local co-op play?

The first Helldivers was a fun game to enjoy locally or online cooperatively with friends and, now, almost a decade later, we already have the ambitious Helldivers 2 on the market, a sequel that greatly expands what was seen in the original and offers an online experience for up to 4 players that promises to provide many hours of entertainment.

With the game already being a tremendous success, it is almost certain that many players will ask themselves before jumping into it if this is one of those games that can be enjoyed in split screen with a friend, from the comfort of the couch. In this entry of our guide, we are going to explain to you if Helldivers 2 has this important function implemented.

Can you play split screen?

  • Sadly, Helldivers 2 does not have the possibility of playing in split screen mode in local cooperative, neither in its version for PS5 consoles nor on PC.

After its official launch, we have been able to corroborate what was already known in advance, and that is that Helldivers 2 is not allowed to play local cooperative (unlike what happened in its first installment). In this sequel you can only play with friends online over the Internet, that is, each user from their own system and with their copy of the game.

The developers of the title have not announced that they will implement split screen or split screen in the future, so it cannot be ruled out that this option may arrive later. However, we believe that this is not very likely to occur. Because? Helldivers 2 is played with a third-person camera and is technically and graphically much more ambitious than the first game, which was played from a top-down view and this facilitated local team cooperative.

In this case, due to the magnitude and spectacularity of Helldivers 2, implementing split screen in this game is almost certainly a resource-intensive option, so it may not be viable for the team behind the work add said characteristic. So, the only option we have to play with friends is through online multiplayer. Now you know.