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Helldivers 2: How to ping and point things out to our companions

 The ping system is very important in Helldivers 2 to communicate with our team and work together on missions. We explain how it works and how to point out locations and enemies.

Helldivers 2: How to ping and point things out to our companions

The core gameplay experience in Helldivers 2 is heavily focused on cooperation and teaming up with friends or other players to coordinate and complete missions across the galaxy. In this sense, communication with colleagues takes on greater importance, and we can use both a voice chat and a textual one to exchange messages and orders with other soldiers.

But, in addition to what has been said, Helldivers 2 offers a 'ping system' that is quite common in many online action games and is extremely useful, especially when you play on the highest difficulties. Unfortunately, the use of this system is not entirely clear in the game's tutorial and many players may wonder how to use it. If that's your thing, this entry in our guide will interest you since below we are going to explain how to ping and pinpoint locations of interest quickly and easily.

How to Ping and Point Things Quickly

In Helldivers 2 you can ping very quickly and easily at any time while on a mission as follows (depending on which controller you use):

  • With keyboard and mouse (PC): point at what you want to point and press the Q key.
  • With a controller (PS5): Aim at what you want to point and press the R1 button.

When you point at something and ping it, that target will automatically be marked as a point of interest for all players in the game. If, for example, you point at an enemy and ping, it will be marked with a red target, indicating its hostile presence to your teammates. Meanwhile, anything pointed to other than an enemy will receive a white eye-shaped indicator.

The ping signals remain on the target for a few seconds, but you can also cancel them by pinging the marked icon again. In addition, the ping is accompanied by the distance in meters to the target, which can also be useful as a reference.

On the other hand, you can ping more than one target at a time. They will all be displayed independently for the rest of the players.

How to use the ping communications wheel

In addition to the basic ping that we explained above, in Helldivers 2 there is also a ping communications wheel that expands the way of exchanging information through this system during missions.

  • To open the ping communications wheel you just have to press and hold the ping key/button (Q/R1).
This will display a menu with several options such as continue, answer yes/no, etc. This will be especially useful if you do not want to use the microphone to speak or text chat, or if your colleagues do not use these options either. Each choice on this wheel will activate the corresponding voice command on your character to convey short, concise information.

How to mark locations from the map?

In addition to the ability to pinpoint targets that you aim at while playing a mission, you can also ping through the minimap in Helldivers 2. This can be done as follows:

  • Open the minimap by pressing the touchpad on PS5 or the Tab key on PC.
  • Now move across the map to find the place you want to point (with the joystick or by holding down the right click).
  • When you find what you want to pinpoint, press X on PS5 or left-click on PC to ping a location.

It's important to note that pinging across the map is different from the basic ping you can do by targeting a location because locations pinpointed from the minimap will remain marked throughout the mission until you reach that location or cancel them manually.

Additionally, pinging from the minimap can help you point out places that are beyond your current line of sight, or emphasize that you want to explore optional areas of interest, for example. All this will facilitate communication with your team and strategies to successfully complete missions in a coordinated manner. Do not forget.