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Helldivers 2 scout spider: where to find them and how to defeat them?

 "Find out how to defeat Scout Spiders in Helldivers 2 with effective strategies!

Helldivers 2 plunges us into the heart of a fierce struggle to defend Super Earth, pitting players against a bestiary made up of robots and insectoid aliens. Among them, the Scout Spiders stand out for their agility and their almost impenetrable armor. These adversaries, which are mainly encountered from difficulty level 3, represent a notable challenge for intrepid players.

Scout Spiders in Helldivers 2 are armored bipedal vehicles piloted by Automaton robots. These enemies are sometimes the subject of one of the daily challenges in the game which allows you to obtain rewards. If you have trouble eliminating them, we give you some advice in this article!

Where to find and how to defeat Scout Spiders?

Scout Spiders, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Imperial AT-STs from Star Wars, represent a unique robotic enemy type in Helldivers 2. Their bulletproof armor makes them invulnerable to frontal attacks, requiring tailored strategies to defeat them.

The key to neutralizing a Scout Spider lies in attacking from behind. By circling the enemy, you can directly target the pilot robot, which quickly succumbs to any form of damage.

Where to find and how to defeat Scout Spiders

Grenades rolled underfoot or Helldivers 2 's best stratagems can effectively take out these enemies, exploiting their vulnerability to explosive attacks.

Location of Pathfinder Spiders

For those seeking the challenge of eliminating Pathfinder Spiders, it is advisable to head to planets where encounters with bots are inevitable. Playing on medium or higher difficulty increases your chances of encountering these enemies in sufficient numbers to complete your missions.

These enemies are not found on worlds infested by insects, but exclusively on those controlled by Automatons.

Facing the Scout Spiders in Helldivers 2 requires a combination of courage and strategy. By understanding their weaknesses and adapting your approach, you can turn these formidable adversaries into vulnerable targets.