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How to fix the MW3 Season 2 update and battle pass bug?

 THE MW3 S2 battle pass bug is frustrating players. Activision is investigating for a quick fix.

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone quickly turned into a nightmare for many gamers. A bug preventing the Season 2 battle pass from displaying correctly has been widely reported, leaving players unsure of how to proceed.

After updating MW3 and Warzone season 2, some players find themselves facing a major problem: the battle pass for season 2 does not appear, displaying instead that of season 1. This bug, sometimes accompanied of game crashes, is being investigated by Activision, which is working on a solution.

Issues with MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass on Steam

On February 7, 2024, the new season's battle pass was to introduce new rewards, including new operators, weapons, and skins. However, a bug caused rewards from the previous season to be displayed for some players, preventing them from purchasing the new pass and accessing the latest features.

  • Common Symptoms: In addition to the display error, there are reports of crashes and game freezes when attempting to purchase the pass.
  • Origin of the problem: It seems that this bug is linked to a server-side problem that occurred during the update.

You can find all the known bugs in the game and being fixed by the Activision team by clicking on this link.

Potential solutions

Although there is no immediate solution from players to fix this battle pass bug, it is advisable to check the game files, a simple step that can sometimes resolve unexpected issues.

  • Developer Response: Activision has acknowledged the issue and announced that it is working on a fix, asking players to be patient and follow their communication channels for updates.


While waiting for an official solution, it is recommended to:

  • Check Activision's social media regularly for updates.
  • Avoid making Battle Pass purchases until the bug is resolved.
  • Consider checking game files on Steam if launching issues are encountered.

How to fix the MW3 Season 2 update and battle pass bug?

The MW3 and Warzone Season 2 battle pass bug has certainly cast a veil of uncertainty over the start of the season, but the Activision team is hard at work to resolve the problem. As a community, patience is required, keeping in mind that updates and patches are being prepared to restore the optimal gaming experience.