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How to get the Padewakang Bomber in Skull and Bones? Boat location

 In Skull and Bones, you have the opportunity to navigate through several boats including the Bombardier Padewakang! We tell you how to get it!

The merciless world of pirates comes to life with the imminent launch of Skull and Bones from Ubisoft. In a world where strategy and brute force meet, this game promises total immersion in the age of piracy. The game traces the golden age of piracy, you will have to prove that you are the best pirate by fighting fierce naval battles and participating in successful expeditions.

In Skull and Bones, you absolutely must build a boat to sail and discover new lands. Among the boats available, you will find the Bombardier Padewakang which is considered one of the best boats in the game. In this guide, We'll show where and how to obtain the Bombardier Padewakang blueprint in Skull and Bones.

Where to find the Padewakang Bomber in Skull and Bones?

It is in Telok Penjarah that you will have the chance to find the plans for the Padewakang Bomber. To get there, simply head northeast from Sainte-Anne. However, the journey is very dangerous since storms and huge waves can arise at any time. Once you arrive on the island, you can unlock fast travel from Telok Penjarah, making your long journeys easier.

Once you arrive there, go see the island's Shipwright, he will sell you plans to build the Padewakang Bomber. Please note that you will be required to be of Brigand 1 rank (at least) and 5,280 silver crowns.

Location of Telok Penjarah, one of the pirate towns

How to build the Padewakang Bomber?

In Skull and Bones, to be able to build a ship, the Carpenter will ask you for the required materials and the plans of the boat. Here are the materials required for the construction of the Bombardier Padewakang :

  • 18x Ironwood Planks
  • 15x Steel Ingots
  • 15x Fine Ramie
  • 4x Shellac
  • 4x Raw Saltpeter