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How to get a supply capsule in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor


How to get a supply capsule in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Each round in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor you will be dropped a beacon, which you can use to summon a supply capsule. Having fulfilled all the conditions, you will be asked to choose one of three artifacts. Understanding how to use the capsule and what hidden benefits you can get is not entirely obvious, so we have prepared this small guide.

When the lighthouse appears

Usually, the beacon is dropped in the middle of the level. You can view the progress of the location on the bar at the top of the screen. The beacon's spawn does not cause damage and appears close to your current position. It is easy to find it using the mini-map, which is located in the upper left corner. The beacon itself and the area in which it is activated will be marked there.

How to open a supply capsule

To do this, you need to clear the area around the lighthouse. Destroy all the stones and clear the platform for the capsule. There may be bugs in the designated area, but they are not a nuisance. After this, you need to stand (you can move) in the marked radius for 7 seconds until the entire area is filled. If you leave the radius, the occupancy scale will begin to decrease. By activating the beacon, a capsule will arrive, which will cause enormous damage to everyone in the affected area. The character ignores this damage, even if he is directly under the capsule.

How to use a supply capsule

To do this, just get close enough to her. Select one of the proposed artifacts, after which the capsule will close forever. You cannot change your choice, you can only expand the assortment in the capsule. To do this, complete special tasks that can be found on the corresponding tab in the game menu.

In addition, when the capsule falls, it causes enormous damage to all beetles. Therefore, there is no point in activating the beacon at the very beginning. Clear the path and prepare for the final battle, then bring the boss or Dreadnought there. This way you can kill elite monsters without firing a single shot.