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How to level up quickly in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

This is what you need to do to quickly level up in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, to start unlocking all the upgrades this gives you access to.

How to level up quickly in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features a leveling system for your characters and the Squad. Each character can reach level 30, and from there, every character who has reached the maximum level, by gaining experience, will increase the Squad level, which allows them to improve attributes. In this section, we will explain what you should do to level up quickly, both at the beginning and in the endgame.

How to level up fast early game

Until you manage to complete the game's story, the best way to level up is to complete contracts and the various Support Squad missions. You can see among the contracts the missions that give XP among their rewards, and prioritize them.

Of course, you'll get XP from killing enemies, and you can always look to equip items that have experience bonuses both in general and from killing enemies (they're two different modifiers).

How to level up quickly in Finite Crisis

When you finish the game and start Finite Crisis, you'll get several new ways to level up quickly. First of all, based on the previous point, make sure that you bring items that improve the experience gained. Remember that you can go to the Toymaker and, using the Elitize and Sobrao options, activate the modifiers that interest you the most. This can lead to bonuses as brutal as the ones you see in the image below, with an overall bonus of +200% XP and +300% XP for eliminating enemies.

After this, the extra difficulty levels and Masteries come into play. First of all, from the Squad menu, you can increase the difficulty.

Each difficulty level offers an XP bonus, and by playing enough on that difficulty, you'll unlock the next one. This is good if you're just going to be leveling up in Metropolis, without worrying about Raids. But it is in the Raids where you will level up the most, in addition to raising your Crisis level.

In Raids you can set Mastery levels as you unlock them, getting a greater experience bonus (and rewards) the higher the difficulty you have set. Of course, this is complicated, but it also allows access to the best equipment in the game.