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Infinite Craft Dark mode, how to play in night mode?

 Some Infinite Craft players want to enjoy the online game in a night version and we will therefore tell you how to enjoy Dark Mode.

Every year, games create buzz on the Internet even though they are not well-known or well-anticipated titles. At the start of 2024, a new independent game is of interest to many players and it is Infinite Craft which consists of combining tiles to create new ones.

Some people enjoying the game, not wanting to strain their eyes too much, are looking to see if it is possible to switch the page to night mode. The answer is yes and we will tell you how to activate the script enabling Dark Mode.

How to play night mode on Infinite Craft?

If, like many people, you prefer to play Infinite Craft in mode, well, that's possible. To do this, here are the operations that you will have to carry out.

  • First download the Stylus extension on Chrome or Firefox
  • Once downloaded and installed on your browser, you will be able to go to the script page created by coolpx on UserStyles.word 
  • Scroll until you reach the Source code part
  • Now copy the moz-document part and what follows  as you can see in the example below
How to play night mode on Infinite Craft

  • Go to the Infinite Craft website
  • Then click on the Stylus extension and press Write style
  • In the new window, all you have to do is enter the code that you previously copied and finalize by clicking on Save
Infinite Craft Dark mode, how to play in night mode?

  • Finally, do a refresh if necessary and normally, you now have Infinite Craft in night mode