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Infinite Craft Human life, what are the combinations to create it?

 In Infinite Craft, you will be able to combine different tiles to make new tiles and we will show you how to create human life.

Every year, games create buzz on the Internet even though they are not well-known or well-anticipated titles. At the start of 2024, a new independent game is of interest to many players and it is Infinite Craft which consists of combining tiles to create new ones.

Among the tiles that can be created, we find the Human tile and we will therefore give you the different combinations to make in order to create human life on Infinite Craft.

How to create the Life tile in Infinite Craft?

If you want to create the Life tile or rather Life in Infinite Craft, you will have to make a lot of combinations until you can make it. Here are the associations to make in order to create life.

  1. Wind + Fire = Smoke
  2. Water + Smoke = Fog
  3. Earth + Wind = Dust
  4. Earth + Dust = Planet
  5. Planet + Fog = Venus
  6. Water + Fire = Steam
  7. Steam + Venus = Life

How to create the Human tile in Infinite Craft?

To make the Human tile, you will reuse some of the combinations of life, and here is what you will have to combine.

  1. Water + Dust = Mud
  2. Venus + Mud = Adam
  3. Adam + Venus = Eve
  4. Eve + Adam = Human
How to create the Human tile in Infinite Craft

This method is one of the simplest and fastest for creating Life and Humans, but it is of course possible to create these two tiles with other types of combinations.