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Infinite Craft save, how to save and reset your game?

 Wondering how to save while playing Infinite Craft on your browser? We tell you everything you need to know!

Infinite Craft is a browser game that has captured the imagination of thousands of players. Without requiring a user account, login or registration, Infinite Craft offers a smooth and straightforward gaming experience. But faced with this simplicity, a question often arises: how to save your progress in this game where each combination of elements opens new horizons?

This article is your guide to never losing an ounce of your progress in Infinite Craft . Whether you're a seasoned virtual architect or new to creating worlds, follow these tips to effectively safeguard your world.

How to save your game in Infinite Craft?

Infinite Craft automatically saves your progress. Every item you discover and create is saved without you needing to intervene. This feature is crucial, as it allows players to log off with peace of mind, knowing that their hard work is secure. When you return to the site, a complete catalog of your creations awaits you, ready to be explored and enriched.

Although saving is automatic, the creation section (the left panel), where items are combined, does not retain temporary combinations between sessions. This means that any composition in progress will disappear once the window is closed. To overcome this slight inconvenience, it is wise to take a screenshot of your complex works before exiting, allowing you to easily recreate them during your next session.

How to save your game in Infinite Craft?

How to start from scratch?

For players who want to start the adventure from the beginning, Infinite Craft offers a simple reset function. A click on the reset button (RESET at the bottom left) erases all findings to return you to the four basic elements. This option is ideal for those looking to rediscover the game or take on the challenge of recreating their world differently.

Infinite Craft offers a unique gaming experience, where saving your progress is simplified and intuitive. Automating this process allows for total immersion in creation, without fear of losing your precious discoveries. Keep these saving tips in mind, and you'll always be ready to continue your creative adventure in Infinite Craft , no matter where your imagination takes you.