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Last Epoch Class and Mastery, which one to choose to start?

Not sure which class to start with in Last Epoch? We give you the list of all classes and mastery!

Last Epoch, the smash-hit top-down action RPG, offers an impressive diversity of classes and masteries, from combat and passive skills to designs and aesthetics. This wide range of choices enriches the gaming experience but can also be a real headache for new players wondering which class and mastery to choose.

Luckily, you've come to the right place to demystify this choice. This article gives you a comprehensive overview of every class and mastery available in Last Epoch, helping you make an informed choice for your adventure.

All classes and masteries in Last Epoch?


The Primalist is the very definition of versatility, offering different specializations:

  • Beastmaster: Specializes in companions with their own active skills.
  • Shaman: Totem expert, with a focus on cold and lightning damage.
  • Druid: Unique for its transformation abilities, providing flexible combat dynamics.


The Acolyte is proficient in dark magic, specializing in blood, necrotic, and poison damage:

  • Lich: A spellcaster using blood magic for powerful attacks.
  • Necromancer: Command an army of minions to dominate the battlefield.
  • Occultist: Uses curses to weaken enemies before destroying them.


The Sentinel excels in melee combat and defense:

  • Paladin: Combines fire damage and healing abilities.
  • Guardian of the Forge: Master of physical damage and minion usage.
  • Void Knight: Specializes in void damage, creating skill echoes.


The Mage uses elemental damage to control the battlefield:

  • Sorcerer: A classic spellcaster with devastating elemental power.
  • Spellblade: Unique blend of melee combat and magic.
  • Runemaster: Creates unique spells by combining different runes.


The Assassin specializes in stealth and ranged attacks:

  • Bladedancer: An agile assassin wielding deadly shadow daggers.
  • Marksman: An archery expert with a variety of damage options.
  • Falconer: Fights alongside a companion falcon, adaptable to various fighting styles.
All classes and masteries in Last Epoch

No matter which class you choose in Last Epoch , each mastery offers a unique and rewarding gameplay experience. Whether you're drawn to controlling powerful minions, manipulating the elements, or melee combat, you'll find a class and mastery suited to your playstyle.