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Last Epoch Majasa: how to beat the boss of the last chapter on Last Epoch?

Last Epoch, released on Steam this Wednesday, February 21, 2024, offers several bosses to face including Majasa. We'll tell you how to beat her.

Last Epoch is a hack'n'slash online role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games. Released in alpha version in April 2019 and then available in early access on several platforms such as Steam, the game was officially released this Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Immersing players in a unique fantasy universe where time is a manipulatable force, Last Epoch will delight fans of the genre as well as beginners.

If the game bears similarities with titles such as Diablo IV, Path of Exile, or Lost Ark, Last Epoch offers interesting new features on which players can rely. In this article, we explain how to beat Majasa, the boss of the last chapter of the game's campaign.

How to beat the Majasa boss on Last Epoch?

Officially released this Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the Last Epoch game offers as usual various bosses of varying difficulty for players. During the campaign, the main axis of the game, you will have to face numerous difficulties, notably certain bosses.

Majasa is part of one of the most difficult bosses in the game since it is nothing more and nothing less than the last fight of the Last Epoch campaign.

How to beat the Majasa boss on Last Epoch

As the Goddess of Opulence, Majasa summons enormous crystals for most of her spells. She can shake the arena, causing emeralds to explode into pools of poison, send a wall of emeralds and rubies that pierce in a line, or pound the ground with sapphire that channels electricity forward. Majasa can also prepare to throw a flaming crystal that explodes in a wide area, which is her most devastating attack. Occasionally, Majasa will use her Gorgon powers to strengthen her gaze, turning everything to stone in a cone in front of her, tearing through armor, and immobilizing the target, if she stays in her wake long enough.

At 66% and 33%, Majasa channels a debilitating sandstorm and summons three Essences that serve as essences linked to wealth. These crystals repeatedly cast abilities and are vulnerable to melee:

  • Essence of Opulence: white crystal in the north, throws lightning
  • Essence of Greed: red crystal in the west, launches bursts of fireballs
  • Essence of Greed: Green crystal in the south, casts swirling poisons Majasa continues to cast her abilities after summoning the Essences.

When her health is depleted, she transforms and the second phase begins, gaining new abilities and losing old ones (except for her stone gaze).

Last Epoch Majasa: how to beat the boss of the last chapter on Last Epoch?

As the Goddess of Greed, Majasa becomes much more aggressive, staying close to the player and using physical abilities quickly. She can lunge forward, burst attack, or sweep across a large area, capable of tearing through armor and physical resistance. Majasa can also throw damaging pools of blood, which she can also collect and suck into herself for a large explosion of blood. She can also continue to use her stony gaze to great effect.

Upon losing a sufficient amount of health, Majasa will open three coffins on the edge of the arena, sucking out the blood they contain and thus restoring a large amount of health. She is very vulnerable in this state, providing a brief window of damage before she starts casting abilities again. Once defeated, Majasa succumbs and her body evaporates, leaving behind a large pool of blood and dropping some rare loot.