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 There are two factions in Last Epoch - the Merchants' Guild and the Circle of Fate. You can find out what advantages the factions have and who they are suitable for here on our site.

Last Epoch went into full release on February 21st after almost 5 years of early access and brought a faction system to the action RPG that influences the way you can acquire items and farm them specifically. There are two factions: the Merchants' Guild and the Circle of Fate. Both factions have a total of 10 ranks in which you advance with “reputation”.

The Merchants' Guild and the Circle of Fate are the two so-called item factions in Last Epoch. They offer players two different options to specifically get better equipment:

  • Merchants Guild: Allows you to trade with other players directly or through a type of auction house, the Bazaar in Last Epoch.
  • Circle of Destiny: Improve your skills with passive bonuses and a mechanic called Prophecies to find better items and increase your drop chances.

Which faction is suitable for me?

What are the benefits of the Merchant Guild? The Merchants Guild allows players to trade with other players directly or through the Bazaar - a type of auction house. Your rank within the faction determines which items you can buy and sell.

The higher your rank in the guild, the more and more powerful items you can buy and offer for sale. In Last Epoch you can trade at special stalls in the bazaar, which you can recognize by the respective item symbol. In general, you have a larger selection of items to trade than in Diablo 4.

The Merchant Guild is suitable for you if you:

  • generally likes to trade with other players in multiplayer games
  • You would rather buy gear specifically than wait for drops
  • finds farming for items too tedious
  • You would rather sell loot to players than just to NPCs who don't pay you much for it

What are the benefits of the Circle of Destiny? In the Circle of Fate, you farm specific types of items using prophecies. In the observatory, you look through telescopes and see prophecies that show different constellations. Each image belongs to an item group.

If you then select a prophecy in the constellation for a favor amount, you will receive a kind of quest for the item you are farming. For example, you have to kill a certain type of enemy or a boss, thereby fulfilling the prophecy and receiving the item as a drop from the opponent.

You can also re-roll the prophecies. And with the lenses that you buy from the faction dealer, you can further influence the prophecies. For example, there are lenses that increase your chance of finding a certain type of item per rank.

The Circle of Destiny is suitable for you if you:

  • likes to farm “on your own” and complete quests
  • It's better to be surprised by drops than to buy items
  • you want loot drops that feel even more rewarding
  • anyway plans to do various activities in the endgame

General information about the factions in Last Epoch

How do I achieve better ranks in the faction? In order to improve your rank in the respective faction and unlock more rewards, you need favor, which you in turn exchange for reputation. You gain favor by killing enemies and completing quests.

You then spend the favor you collect on faction activities (trading/prophecies, purchases from the faction dealer), which means you rise in rank. Killing enemies also gives you a small amount of favor.

Can I switch between factions and sell items? You can switch back and forth between factions at any time, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Before changing, you must discard all items that you received from your current faction.
  • After the change, you will retain your reputation, but you will lose the favor you have accumulated.
  • You actually farm the items primarily to use them. They are marked, which means: You cannot sell items from the Circle of Fate and neither can you sell those that you purchased in the Merchants' Guild.

How do I join a faction? In the Last Epoch campaign, you will meet the NPC Zerrick in Act 9. After he has given you some information about the two factions, you can familiarize yourself with the factions. You either go to the Observatory to join the Circle of Destiny or to the Bazaar to join the Merchants Guild.

Alternatively, you can first look around both locations and talk to the NPCs of the factions who want to make their faction attractive to you.

According to, rank progression in your faction is cross-account, so it also applies to other characters you create. However, this does not apply across different modes, such as a new character in hardcore mode while you previously played “normal” mode.