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Last Epoch Occultist Build Leveling: best passives, spells, prefixes and suffixes for the Warlock

In Last Epoch, it is possible to play with many classes including the Occultist. To get you started as best as possible, we offer you a leveling guide for the class.

Last Epoch is a hack'n'slash online role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games. Released in alpha version in April 2019 and then available in early access on several platforms such as Steam, the game was officially released this Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Immersing players in a unique fantasy universe where time is a manipulatable force, Last Epoch will delight fans of the genre as well as beginners.

If the game bears similarities with titles such as  Diablo IV,  Path of Exile, or  Lost Ark, Last Epoch offers a whopping 15 classes, 5 basic with 3 specializations each. In order to get your adventure off to a good start, we offer you a leveling guide for one of the Acolyte specializations, namely the Occultist.

Passives and spells for Occultist leveling

In Last Epoch, the Occultist is a great class for leveling. These spells allow him to do great damage while having a good defense. Here is an overview of the skills and passives to build according to the guide offered on Maxroll:


  • Spiritual scourge

Passives and spells for Occultist leveling

  • Chthonic fissure
Chthonic fissure

  • Chaos Lightning
Chaos Lightning

  • Blood extraction
Blood extraction

  • Bone Curse
Bone Curse



  • Sanguine Aura
  • Forbidden knowledge
  • Stolen vitality


  • Resentful decay
  • Thief of Souls
  • Cauldron of Blood
  • Occultist spirit
  • Purple Favors
  • Malicious protection
  • Atrocious armor
  • Unalterable
  • Dark Wards
  • evil body
  • Wilt
  • Invading darkness
  • Ephemeral shrew

Statistics and affixes to level for Occultist leveling

If you want to know what the best prefixes and suffixes are for your leveling build, well, the Maxroll site has a list.

Best prefixes

  • Wandering Spirits Level
  • Level of Spirit Blight, Chthonic Fissure, Chaos Bolts, Blood Extraction, and Bone Curse
  • Shared Bleeding Duration
  • Physical penetration of shared bleeding
  • Chance to cause shared bleeding with a hit
  • Spirit Frequency with Chthonic Fissure
  • Physical penetration
  • Physical damage and damage over time
  • Casting Speed
  • Chance to get 3 additional projectiles when directly casting Chaos Bolts
  • Vitality
  • Physical damage drained into health

Damage suffixes

  • Physical penetration and physical penetration of servants
  • Chance to break armor with one hit
  • Health
  • Hybrid Health
  • Resistors
  • Health
  • Chance to freeze with one hit
  • Chance to apply Frailty with a hit
  • Chance to slow down with a hit
  • Armor
  • Chance to dodge

Obviously, this build is for information only and you may prefer to modify certain elements to make it easier for you to level up.