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Last Epoch Trainer, how to use cheat mode offline?

 In Last Epoch, it is possible to play with many classes and make life easier with a “trainer”. We tell you how to use it.

Last Epoch Trainer, how to use cheat mode offline?

Last Epoch is a hack'n'slash online role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games. Released in alpha version in April 2019 and then available in early access on several platforms such as Steam, the game was officially released this Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Immersing players in a unique fantasy universe where time is a manipulatable force, Last Epoch will delight fans of the genre as well as beginners.

If the game bears similarities with titles such as  Diablo IV,  Path of Exile, or  Lost Ark, Last Epoch offers a whopping 15 classes, 5 basic with 3 specializations each. To make life easier, some players are tempted to look for cheat codes or “trainers” and we will show you how to use the trainer in offline mode.

How to use The Last Epoch trainer?

If, like some players, you are tempted by using a trainer to quickly unlock skill points, increase drop rates, or even make yourself invincible, well, you should know that it only works on a character created in offline mode. As a reminder, in offline mode, you will not be able to play your character in online mode, which avoids an imbalance if you have used a trainer.

To take advantage of the trainer and its features, you will need to download the WeMod program. As soon as it's done and installed on your computer, launch it. Then search for Last Epoch in the search bar. On the page dedicated to Last Epoch, you must launch the game from this program to be able to operate the cheat features. All you have to do is press the keys indicated as you can see in the example below to be able to activate them in offline play.

Finally, we remind you that in Last Epoch, you will be able to choose a faction, but also a class and you can consult our dedicated guides on these subjects.