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Law vs Blackbeard One Piece: How did he win the fight?

In the last episode of One Piece, we were able to witness the fight between Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard, suffice it to say it's awesome! We tell you everything.

Beware of spoilers if you haven't seen the last episode of One Piece, 1094! The pirates of the crew of Trafalgar Law and the terrible Blackbeard entered into a merciless confrontation. A confrontation that involves one of the 4 emperors is bound to be spectacular and the animators did not disappoint! 

We'll look back at this incredible fight, how Blackbeard won, and how Law lost in the latest episode of One Piece.

Law vs. Blackbeard: the fight explained

The sudden confrontation between the Heart Pirates and Blackbeard's crew surprised many fans. Blackbeard was in ambush, lying in wait for any pirate crew leaving Wano, and it was Law who came across him. Despite Law's power and the formidable strength of his awakened Devil Fruit, we hoped that he would at least hold on. Unfortunately for him, Blackbeard is stronger than ever and with two Devil Fruits in addition to his powerful Haki, he made short work of the kind-hearted pirate.

The formidable Emperor has now got his hands on the transcriptions of two Poneglyphs, which brings him one step closer to the manga quest: One Piece. Just imagine the confrontation between Luffy and him! Warning, spoilers for the rest of the manga, including Law's fate, are in the next paragraph.

Law vs. Blackbeard: the fight explained

His ship and crew were destroyed, and Law was then captured by Blackbeard. Luckily, Bepo used a drug that Chopper gave him to use his technique. He then transformed and managed to escape with Law while dodging attacks from Blackbeard's crew.