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Mountain Chocobo Juno FF7 Rebirth: how to unlock Belle?

 In each region of the game, you can unlock a chocobo. Here's how to get Belle, the Junon Mountain Chocobo in FF7 Rebirth!

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a great adventure and an unforgettable journey that awaits you. Even before its release on February 29, 2024, critics are unanimous in saying that FF7 Rebirth is one of the best Final Fantasy games and undeniably a candidate for GOTY 2024.

You will travel through several open-world areas in FF7 Rebirth including Junon. To travel, you will have several means of transport including the famous and cute chocobos. You will have to unlock them in each of its areas. For the Prairie, it is the yellow chocobo Piko. We tell you everything to unlock it.

How to unlock Belle, the Juno Mountain Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Juno will not be the most difficult chocobo to find in FF7 Rebirth since it is the second one that you will encounter and capture. However, things get a little tougher compared to Piko.

Located in the Junon region, the Mountain Chocobo is only revealed at the start of the third chapter of the game. After crossing the Mythril Mine, you will find a first transmission tower which will reveal the location of the mountain chocobo to you as you can see it in the screenshot below:

How to unlock Belle, the Juno Mountain Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How do you capture Belle? 

Note that if you go to the ranch not far from the tower, you will meet Gabe who will give you a side quest entitled " A Path of Subsistence " which asks you to find Belle in order to be able to climb the mountains with the help of his claws.

Once there, you will quickly understand that the goal of the game is the same. You must approach Belle discreetly without being spotted by her peers. However, the quest is a little more difficult than for Piko. Here's how to do it if you can't do it.

First, pull the lever to move the wagon forward. Stay behind this wagon to advance to the next switch so as not to be spotted.

How do you capture Belle

Activate this second switch to move the next wagon backward and take a stone that is on the path.

How do you capture Belle

Once the wagon reaches you, throw the stone at the switch behind to make it move forward. As with the first, stay hidden behind him to move forward without being noticed by the chocobo.

How do you capture Belle

Once the wagon arrives, you will notice a new wagon in front of you with stones in the way. The mechanism is the same. Stand behind the new wagon and throw a stone to activate the switch a little further away to move the wagon forward and move without being noticed.

How do you capture Belle

Once behind Belle, all you have to do is press the Triangle Button to capture the chocobo!

How do you capture Belle

Congratulations, you can now ride Belle. You can call him anywhere in the Junon region using the R1 key. You can only call Belle in Juno. This is why you will have to capture a new chocobo in the other areas!