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Mozzarina Palworld location: where to find the pal to capture it?

Looking for Mozzarina in Palworld to capture and add to your team? We'll give you all the information on this Pal!

Palworld is a brand new game available since the beginning of 2024 and it is already causing a sensation. Despite several controversies regarding potential Pokémon plagiarism and the use of generative AI, Palworld has already been at the top of sales and concurrent players on Steams since its release on January 19, 2024.

In Palworld, you will be able to capture Pals to complete your Paldex but also to form a team and make your Pals work in your village. There are more than a hundred Pals and among them, you will be able to obtain Mozzarina. We'll tell you where to find it and how to capture this Pal.

Where to find Mozzarina on Palworld?

Mozzarina, Pal n°29 of Paldex .

Mozzarina is one of the Pals most appreciated by players for its design, but also its useful role in the base since it is the only one that can produce milk, necessary to prepare the cakes used for the reproduction of your Pals. To capture it, you will have to go to the central part of the map. Being of the No Element type, we advise you to start with Dark-type Pals to make your fight easier.  Here is its location :

  • Central part of the continent:  To get to the location where you will find Mozzarina, you will be able to take different teleportation points, namely Entrance of the ravine, Domain of the Great Swordsman, Falls of the ascetic or even the Domain of the dragon stormy 
Where to find Mozzarina on Palworld

Why capture Mozzarina in Palworld?

Mozzarina is probably not the most useful Pal for combat, but it is interesting to capture him since he produces one of the resources necessary for making cakes, namely milk. Whether you capture a male or a female, the Pal always produces this ingredient so you don't need to worry about it. As a reminder, you need milk, red berries, flour, honey, and eggs to be able to cook a cake.

Mozzarina is a No Element type Pal who has the following stats: 

  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 100/50
  • DEF: 80
  • Working speed: 100
  • Food : 3