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One Piece 1108 Raw: Blackbeard is not far away! Nika dominates

 Back in the present, Saturn faces the mugiwaras and Bonney! Discover the spoilers and raw in addition to the release date of chapter 1108.

For many years, pirates from all over the world have been engaged in a fierce battle to get their hands on One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden by the late Gold Roger, the king of pirates. At the same time, a young man named Luffy decides to embark on an adventure at sea with the aim of becoming the ruler of the pirates!

Luffy and his crew are in Egghead and were able to discover the iconic Vegapunk character. This is also the first time that we see a member of the five elders, of the world government, fighting! Discover the spoilers and raw of One Piece chapter 1108, its release date, and a platform on which to read it for free and legally.

One Piece Chapter 1108 Raw and Spoilers: Blackbeard is on Egghead? 

All spoilers and images come from the  @Pewpiece account on Twitter. Here are the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1108.

  • The cover shows Nami, Robin, Hancock, and other girls having drinks together.
  • Caribou reveals that he has valuable information and intends to share it with Teach.
  • Dorry and Brogy come to the aid of Franky and his group, saving them from the clutches of the Marines.
  • Vegapunk encourages Luffy and Sanji to escape without him, entrusting them with Bonney's protection.
  • Meanwhile, Saturn reveals a new form and launches an attack on Luffy, Sanji, and Vegapunk.
  • Kizaru inflicts serious injuries on Vegapunk during the confrontation.
  • At a decisive moment, Luffy intervenes, stopping both Saturn and Kizaru simultaneously to allow Sanji and Vegapunk to escape.
  • The chapter concludes with a message from Vegapunk to the whole world.

While waiting for more info, here is the last chapter.

In chapter 1107, titled "I Was Looking for You", the cover art features Law and Bepo. Meanwhile, the giant pirates Kashii and Oimo team up with the group. Ussop is surprised by their arrival. Jinbei still heads towards Zoro and Lucci to end their confrontation. While Zoro and Lucci continue to fight, Luffy intervenes. Bonney explains to Luffy that she had been looking for him for a long time, to which he humorously replies that he was always nearby.

Luffy criticizes the weakness of Bonney's attack and decides to show her a real technique, using a new technique called Dawn Gattling to deliver powerful blows to Saturn. Kizaru then appears, seeking to eliminate Bonney and Vegapunk. However, Sanji blocks his attack, surprising Franky and Kizaru. Sanji proclaims that love is stronger than light.

Luffy's punch sends Saturn flying, and where he lands, he discovers the Blackbeard Pirates (Catarina Devon and Van Augur). They discuss Teach's goals, his special lineage, which Saturn already knew about. Saturn is about to attack, but Van Augur uses his Devil Fruit to ward them off, declaring their mission accomplished.

Finally, on the last page, Caribou appears, expressing his admiration for Blackbeard and his dream of joining his crew, asking to be taken with them. The chapter ends on an intriguing note with the mention "The desire and The end... Discover the release date of the next chapter, 1108. Come back to this article in a few hours to discover exclusive images of the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1108 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1108 releases on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 5:00 PM PST. 

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