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Ramu and Leviathan in FF7 Rebirth, how to unlock summons?

 Unlock Leviathan and Ramuh in FF7 Rebirth using your saves from FF7 Remake and INTERmission!

Ramu and Leviathan in FF7 Rebirth, how to unlock summons?

The Final Fantasy VII saga expands with the long-awaited arrival of FF7 Rebirth, promising an even richer adventure ready to break the codes. Square Enix offers a unique opportunity to fans of the saga, allowing them to reap the rewards of their past adventures in FF7 Remake and Episode INTERmission. With a simple save, players can unlock exclusive rewards in FF7 Rebirth.

This special offer concerns the summons of Ramuh and Leviathan, two of the most powerful and iconic entities in the FF7 universe. Available through direct interaction with your save data, these free rewards not only add to your magical arsenal but also strengthen the connection between different iterations of the game.

How to get Leviathan and Ramuh summons in FF7 Rebirth?

FF7 Rebirth does not just continue the epic started by FF7 Remake; it also enriches the players' experience with direct links to their previous adventures. Square Enix has brilliantly designed a system that rewards loyal players with significant bonuses, including access to a summons from Ramuh and Leviathan.

To access these rewards, the steps are simple:

  • Make sure your FF7 Remake and Episode INTERmission save data is stored locally on your PlayStation 5.
  • When launching FF7 Rebirth, select "Save Data Bonus" on the title screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate summon unlocking.

Although unlocking is instantaneous, actually obtaining the summons requires collecting them from a specific location in the game. Square Enix maintains the suspense by not immediately disclosing this location.




The integration of save data from FF7 Remake and Episode INTERmission into FF7 Rebirth demonstrates Square Enix's care for its fans, providing an enriched and personalized experience. Ramuh and Leviathan 's summons aren't just bonuses; they are the symbol of a continuing adventure, connecting the chapters of this epic saga. Prepare to dive into FF7 Rebirth , armed with these powerful allies, for an unforgettable experience starting February 29, 2024.