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Skull and Bones best ship, tier list of boats

 Skull and Bones is now available and you will be able to go to sea aboard your ship. Find out which are the best.

Skull and Bones was one of the most anticipated games at the start of 2024 and the title is coming out in a few days since it is available from February 16 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

However, if the full version has not yet been released, it is possible to take advantage of an open beta until February 11 for all players, and during your game, you will be able to control different ships. Some people are wondering which boats are the best and we will therefore give you the answer from Game8.

Tier list of the best ships on Skull and Bones

If, like some players, you want to know which are the best ships in Skull and Bones, well, the Game8 site offers a tier list. We will also relay the best choices to you depending on your progress in the game.


  • Padewakang
  • Cutter
Tier list of the best ships on Skull and Bones

Tier A

  • Barge
  • Sloop
  • Bedar

Tier B

  • Hourque
When it comes to the best ship to start with in the game, the Cutter (or Sentinel) is an excellent choice, as it has good speed, good maneuverability, and good health regeneration. As for the best ship across the board, it's the Padewakang (or Bombardier). Obviously, this tier list is for information only and you may judge that certain ships are better than others.