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Skull and Bones, Bounty of Caradec: Where and how to obtain the treasure?

 Caradec's Bounty is one of Scurlock's first missions in Skull and Bones. In this guide, We'll tell you where and how to get it!

The merciless world of pirates comes to life with the imminent launch of Skull and Bones from Ubisoft. In a world where strategy and brute force meet, this game promises total immersion in the age of piracy. The game traces the golden age of piracy, you will have to prove that you are the best pirate by fighting fierce naval battles and participating in successful expeditions.

Missions will be assigned to you during your adventure, including finding the Caradec bonus card. This is one of the missions that John Scurlock, the evil boss of Sainte-Anne, will give you. In this guide, We'll tell you more about the location of the Caradec Bounty Card!

Where to find Caradec's bounty in Skull and Bones? Map location

The map that John Scurlock gives you is filled with clues in order to find the treasure. At the top left of the card, a text is written:

" Your mission is simple. Kill this bastard and his team. If you succeed, you will be richly rewarded. 

Travel to Reef Sea, Red Isle, and then to the Royal Burial Ground Outpost to get your reward. "

As you have understood, Caradec's bounty is located at the Royal Cemetery outpost, near Reef Sea, west of Red Island. To get there, simply follow the coast of the island. 

Where to find Caradec's bounty in Skull and Bones

Moor your boat then set off to explore the island to unearth the famous Caradec bounty.  The second clue on the map shows that the treasure is hidden near crosses and sticks. Luckily for you, the treasure is not that well hidden and you will find it very quickly.

In fact, as soon as you arrive on the island, all you have to do is climb the steps on your right. Once at the top of the steps, you will see a palm tree and two crosses, get closer to the place. It's there that a yellowish light will show you the exact position of Caradec's bounty!

What is Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft studio and available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and Amazon Luna. The release date of the game is scheduled for February 16, 2024. You will play a simple pirate who, as you progress, will seek, by all means, to become the strongest of all pirates.