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Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth, how to get one?

 Skull and Bones is now available and you will be able to obtain different resources including monstrous teeth. We tell you how to get them.

Skull and Bones was one of the most anticipated games at the start of 2024 and the title is coming out shortly since it is available from February 16 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Like many games with a crafting system, you will be able to collect or recover numerous resources, including monstrous teeth. Some people wonder where to find them and we will therefore tell you the method by which you can get your hands on them.

Where to find monster teeth in Skull and Bones?

If, like some players, you want to know where you are going to find monstrous teeth, well, there is only one way to get them, namely by hunting a very specific creature. This sea monster is Kuharibu you will be able to make appear by accepting the “De profundis” contract from the Hunting Master at the Lanitra outpost. Once the contract is accepted, you will have to go to the Western Basin which is located northwest of the outpost.

It should be noted that monstrous teeth can be used to craft weapons for your ship, but also as currency with the Hunting Master of Lanitra who will ask you for them in exchange for plans.

Where to find monster teeth in Skull and Bones