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Suemitsu Persona 3 Reload: Guide to unlocking the moon social link and the best choices to make!

 Want to know how to unlock the Moon Social Link: Nozomi Suemitsu? We explain everything to you in this guide with all the choices to make!

Suemitsu Persona 3 Reload: Guide to unlocking the moon social link and the best choices to make!

Persona 3 Reload is back with its social links that allow you to learn more about the characters in the game and also improve your combat skills. Nozomi Suemitsu, representing the Moon Arcana, is a social link that you can unlock under certain conditions.

Unlocking this social connection may seem obscure at first glance, but once initiated, it opens the door to rewarding rewards. Whether you're looking to maximize your social stats or simply enjoy the story, knowing the correct answers and choices is essential.

How to unlock Nozomi Suemitsu's social link?

To initiate the social link with Nozomi, you must first reach Rank 2 in Charm, and then pass a specific quiz given by Nozomi himself. A crucial item, the Strange Bit, is needed in your inventory to officially start this social link. You must then answer a series of questions and give the correct answers to start forming a friendship with Suemitsu:

Questions from Suemitsu

  • Most popular coffee drink? Answer: “Pheromone Coffee.”
  • Color of Azaki Arai Sweets mascot, Azuki-chan? Answer: “Red.”
  • Secret item on Hagakure's menu? Answer: “Hagakure bowl.”

The best dialogue choices for Suemitsu 

Rank 1 → Rank 2

  • Do you want to be... my younger brother?
    • Answer: “Why not.” (+3)

Rank 2 → Rank 3

  • SO? You “understand” me hm? Who am I? Come on, I want to hear it from you!
    • Answer: “You are the Gourmet King!” (+3)

Rank 3 → Rank 4

  • Phew... That was so right. If this toilet was just a little further... Oh, boy
    • Answer: “Are you sick?” (+3)

Rank 4 → Rank 5

  • Right, Makoto-kun?
    • Answer: “That’s true.” (+3)

Rank 5 → Rank 6

  • I don't understand. I felt fine until a minute ago, then suddenly I felt sick.
    • Answer: “Are you sick?” (+3)

Rank 6 → Rank 7

  • SO ? Did that blow your mind?
    • Answer: “The end of the world?” (+3)

Rank 7 → Rank 8

  • Look at me! I'm skinny as a leaf now!
    • Answer: “No, you are not” (+3)

Rank 8 → Rank 9

  • All responses at this rank have no effect; answer as you wish.
    • Note: You will first see a Reversed card. Do not panic.

Rank 9 → Rank 10

  • But if I continue like this, I will never be able to replace my brother, right?
    • Answers: “Be yourself” (+3) / “You are irreplaceable” (+3)

When to spend time with Suemitsu?

Nozomi's daily availability provides rare flexibility among Persona 3 Reload's social links. Use this availability to your advantage, especially during exam periods or school holidays, to progress without encroaching on other important activities.

Nozomi Suemitsu's Social Link in Persona 3 Reload represents a great opportunity to build your Charm while exploring a unique side of the game's narrative.