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Take or eat slices of pizza from pizza boxes with your Fortnite friends, how to complete the Cowabunga quest?

Looking for how to complete the take or eat pizza slices from pizza boxes challenge with your friends in Fortnite? We tell you everything!

Fortnite never lacks the imagination to engage its community, and Chapter 5 offers us a total immersion in the spirit of the Ninja Turtles thanks to the Cowabunga event. Between epic battles and surprising quests, one activity stands out: sharing a pizza evening with your friends. This moment of conviviality not only brings a little respite from the intensity of the battles but also strengthens the bonds between teammates.

Phase 3 of the Cowabunga quests have been available in Fortnite since February 15, 2024, and one of the challenges asks you to take or eat slices of pizza from pizza boxes with your friends. We explain where to find pizza boxes and how to complete this quest quickly.

How to take or eat slices of pizza from pizza boxes with your friends?

Taking or eating slices of pizza with your friends is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial activities of the Cowabunga event in Fortnite Chapter 5. Here's how you can take advantage of these delicious slices of pizza and turn them into a strategic weapon during your games:

Find the pizza boxes

Pizza boxes, key items in this quest, can be located in different ways. You have the possibility of discovering them in special supply drops marked by the Ninja Turtles, hidden in chests scattered around the map, or even placed on the ground by chance. Each box contains eight portions, allowing you to share a friendly moment with your team.

Find the pizza boxes

Buy from Master Splinter

For a more direct approach, go to NPC 17, Master Splinter, who is selling a pizza party for 100 gold bars. This is the assurance of obtaining a complete box for you and your team without having to search for it.

The benefits of a slice of pizza

Each slice of pizza consumed restores HP and shield simultaneously, up to a maximum of 100 shield points. This makes pizzas not only a tool for conviviality but also a strategic resource to prepare for upcoming confrontations.

The Cowabunga event highlights the importance of cooperation and sharing, even in the competitive setting of Fortnite. Taking a moment to eat slices of pizza with your friends can make all the difference, allowing you to regain your strength before heading into battle.

The benefits of a slice of pizza

The pizza sharing activity in Fortnite Chapter 5 's Cowabunga event is further proof of the developers' ingenuity in creating unique and memorable moments for players. Beyond the fun aspect, this quest strengthens team cohesion and offers a significant tactical advantage.