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The best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - for scout, machine gunner, driller and engineer


The best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - for scout, machine gunner, driller and engineer

To survive in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and kill the Dreadnought, you need to select the appropriate weapon for one of the four available classes. At the same time, today there are already 40 types of weapons available in the game. In this guide, we will talk about the strengths of each class and the best builds for them.

How to improve weapons

To unlock the special skills of each weapon, you need to level it up to 12 in one run. On average, you will reach level 40, so you will have time to improve no more than two types of equipment. Strengthening all the weapons will require a lot of grinding, but it is an important part of the game and an opportunity to learn different combinations.

The best weapon for a scout

Scout is a starting class that has high movement speed and a chance to avoid damage. Specializes in kinetic weapons with additional electrical damage. Among his weapons, one can note the plasma carbine DRAK-25, which will open upon reaching level 21. High and constant plasma damage will allow you to quickly deal with bosses at a safe distance.

Here are the rest of the weapons with a little description:

  •  Electroshock sweeper (boomerang) - unlocked at character level 6. Deals damage twice, which allows you to provide stable DPS even with small increases in damage. Recommended weapon for running;
  •  The Cryogenic Grenade is not the biggest killing power, but this grenade is capable of freezing a large area and even a Dreadnought. This will help you survive in many situations, and there will be enough damage from other weapons.
  • The homemade "boom stick" is a starting shotgun that doesn't stand out in any way. It will help deal with groups of enemies at close range, but scouts are mainly collected through ranged damage, so it will be useless;
  • M1000 “Classic” is a starting rifle that will unlock at Scout level 3. It has high destructive power and penetrating power, but does not perform well against a crowd of enemies;
  • Zhukov NUK17 is an electric pistol with nice enhancements. It will work well in assembling electric weapons, but is useless on its own;
  •  TH-0R Stun Gun - This can be unlocked at level 12. It is the main weapon in this character’s build;
  •  The Nishanka Bolt Launcher X-80 is a powerful crossbow that unlocks at level 24. Replaces other rifles, as it has increased damage and enormous attack speed;
  • The Arc-Tek Cryo Guard Drone is a slowing drone that will unlock at character level 15. It is useless because it does little damage and does not slow down enemies effectively enough.

Among the artifacts, it is better to take “Nitra-glycerin gunpowder”, “Gold-plated bullets” and “Gold scanner”. This will increase the overall damage by 2-3 times, but you will not have to waste nitre and gold unnecessarily.

The best weapon for a Heavy

A complex class whose main weapon fires only in front of the character. Despite this, if assembled correctly, the starting machine gun is capable of destroying any number of enemies and killing a Dreadnought with a couple of clips. In any build, the heavy autocannon “Thundercloud” is recommended, which opens at level 12.

Other weapons that you can take on this character:

  • The BRT7 burst fire pistol is a good basic weapon that will help you level up and safely upgrade more powerful options;
  • Tactical lead launcher is a grenade that fires kinetic projectiles in a small radius. Deals solid damage, but often flies in the wrong direction;
  • The Firefly Hunter Drone is a drone that can support you with fire. However, the range of his attack is higher, so you will have to return for experience, or look for a magnet;
  •  The Hurricane missile system is a slow but lethal weapon that can quickly destroy a pack of bugs. When you unlock additional power-ups, it will become the most important gun in your arsenal;
  •  ArmsKore Gauss Cannon - Unlocked at Heavy Level 27 and designed for victory. Even on maximum difficulty, you will feel every shot and move on without much difficulty;
  • Seismic repulsor - deals massive damage in a small radius. If you play through killing bugs, then this is a good option. In other cases, it will only take up a slot without doing enough damage;
  • The heavy Bulldog revolver is a slow but lethal weapon that is a must in any build. Having unlocked the power-ups, it will complement the basic machine gun well, destroying the remaining beetles;
  • The Cryo Cannon is a good weapon, but the upgrades are not enough to consistently take you into every run. Such a weapon is more suitable for a driller;
  •  Incendiary grenade - constant fire damage over a huge radius. Even if the grenade flies in the wrong direction, you can direct the beetles into a puddle that does not cause you damage. Helps quickly get rid of small monsters and deal constant damage to bosses.

Depending on your playstyle, there are several artifacts you can choose from:

  • Juice from the Barley Bulb - speeds you up when the character is not moving, which is ideal for machine guns, which require you to look in the direction of the enemy;
  • IRL-U dry ration - increases health and regeneration. Since the Heavy is slow, extra health is a priority;
  • Red sugar - the more you select health restoration, the more it becomes. At the final stage, you can easily get 700 health, which will help you stand surrounded by enemies for a few seconds.

The best weapon for a driller

Perhaps the strongest class today. The enormous speed of destruction of the environment allows you not to be distracted by enemies, clearing the location of resources in a couple of minutes. At the same time, it deals huge periodic damage using acid and fire damage. Even though the Colette Microwave Emitter can be unlocked at level 6, this weapon will be with you until the end of the game. It deals damage in a cone that auto-targets enemies, shooting through any obstacles. One of the downsides is that the turning speed is very low, but if you get used to it, you can cut out both single targets and a whole swarm of beetles in a couple of seconds.

In addition to the Emitter, the driller has a large selection of other, equally weak weapons:

  • Acid Slime Launcher - Sprays acid around the character. With bonuses to elemental damage, you will receive huge damage over time;
  •  Impact Ax - Despite the name, this is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The Driller throws several axes that deal damage in an area, and then pulls them back, dealing increased damage;
  •  The CRSPR Flamethrower is a high combat power that will help you survive against the endless stream of bugs. In improvements, you can take a larger number of rays, which means the damage and area of ​​damage will increase significantly;
  • A neurotoxin grenade is not the most useful thing in a driller's arsenal, but if you're going through acid damage, you can try it;
  • Cryogun - the damage is not enough to destroy beetles with this weapon alone, so at high levels there is a chance of dying when you reload;
  • Drone K1-R "Viper" - a drone with acid damage. Like other robots, it is useless in the middle and late stages of the game, distracting you from survival;
  •  Experimental Plasma Charger - Unlocked at Driller Level 27, but worth all the effort. Huge massive damage allows you to quickly clear the path, regardless of the number of enemies.

In artifacts, you can collect various belts that cause elemental damage and artifacts that increase health.

Best weapon for an engineer

The worst “digger” of the four, but in the later stages it’s quite easy to survive, which the engineer can handle perfectly thanks to additional devices. His arsenal is full of turrets and drones, and passive abilities and the right artifacts greatly enhance them. But besides this, it’s always worth having a hand weapon, for example, “Vepr” Auto 210. This shotgun fires in front of the engineer, causing massive damage.

  • Voltaic Electric fence is a device that causes constant damage in a small radius. Shows itself well when the character is squeezed in a corner and enemies are coming from one place;
  • The LOK-1 Smart Rifle is a weak, slow, and ineffective gun that hinders the game. Auto-targeting works crookedly, so the bosses of the level take many times longer;
  •  Deepcore RGM is a grenade launcher that can quickly clear a location of excess beetles. Upgrades nicely complement the weapon, allowing you to customize it to suit the situation;
  • Plasma Cutter - Huge plasma damage at a good range. If you do not play through turrets, then it is required in the assembly;
  • The Diffraction Splitter is a strange weapon, analogues of which have already been seen in the game, but with better parameters. We failed to realize its potential;
  • Plasma Charge is a good solution for a plasma damage build. But there are more useful tools;
  • Shredder Swarm Grenade - Like other grenades, this one has accuracy and capability issues. Most likely, they will be processed, but for today it is better not to take up a slot for this;
  •  The Krakatoa Turret is the best turret with massive fire damage. At level 18, the affected area will literally cover the entire visible area;
  •  Various drones - the game features drones with special damage. The engineer reveals them best and begins to be useful if you choose the right one for your build.

The first option is to collect nitra and gold, opening the artifacts "Gilded Bullet", "Nitra-Glycerate Gunpowder" and "Pickled Nitra" . The second option is through defense and constant stops. This is where “Tactical Bipod” and “Barley Bulb Juice” will come in handy.


That's all we've learned about the weapons and classes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. If a new weapon, class or artifact is introduced into the game, we will definitely update the guide to the current version.