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Tier List Granblue Fantasy Relink: who are the best characters to put on your team?

Want the best team in Granblue Fantasy Relink? We give you our tier list of the best characters!

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, it's natural to want to create the ultimate team to meet all the challenges that the game's endgame offers. This action role-playing game immerses you in an epic adventure where the choice of your companions can determine the success in your quest.

With a host of characters to recruit, the question arises: what are the best choices for your team? This is where our Granblue Fantasy Relink Tier List comes into play, guiding you toward the wisest choices to dominate the game from the very first hours.

Who are the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

We have compiled a detailed Tier List for Granblue Fantasy Relink, ranking the game's characters according to their effectiveness in combat. In this article, you will discover which are the best characters to recruit for optimal progression, as well as tips for building the best team. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, this guide is for you.

S Tier

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, certain heroes clearly stand out from the crowd, starting with Zeta and Katalina. Zeta, with its ability to deal impressive damage, is essential for any team aiming for victory. For her part, Katalina shines with her versatility, offering both support and offensive power. Her summon, Ares, significantly improves her abilities, making her an essential ally.

  • Zeta
  • Cagliostro
  • Kataliuna
  • ID
S Tier

A Tier

Rackam and Gran/Djeeta position themselves as solid choices to strengthen your team. Rackam, a ranged attack specialist, is perfect for beginners thanks to its ease of use and increasing firepower. As for the main character, Gran or Djeeta, his flexibility in team compositions allows for a wide variety of strategies, whether offensive or supportive.

  • Vaseraga
  • Ferry
  • Gran/Djeeta (main character)
  • Narmaya
  • Rackam
  • Rosette
  • Siegfried
  • Yodarha

B Tier

Vane and Eugen offer unique advantages, although slightly behind the big names on the list. Vane, with his defensive profile, provides robust protection for himself and his allies, while Eugen stands out for his ability to deal area damage with his grenades.

  • Eugene
  • Lancelot
  • Percival
  • Vane
  • Yodarha

C Tier

Ghandagoza and Io represent viable options for those who favor a particular play style. Although slower, these characters offer unique abilities which, used wisely, can prove decisive.

  • Ghandagoza
  • Io

Choosing the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink is essential to effectively advancing in the game. Our Tier List is designed to guide you towards the most strategic choices, whether you are looking for pure power or a balanced team composition. Remember, the evolution of the game could lead to adjustments to this list. Finally, the most important thing is to have fun and you can complete the entire content of the game with any character!