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Traveling into the future... slowly Fortnite, how to complete this Cowabunga challenge?

Looking for how to solve the Challenge: Travel to the Future Slowly in Fortnite? We explain how to complete the Cowabunga quest!

Cowabunga Quests are available in Fortnite! The Ninja Turtles are waiting for you on the game map! Whether you're exploring the dark sewers or searching for Raphael's famous saïs, you've come to the right place for epic challenges.

Many challenges allow you to collect exclusive rewards during this large-scale collaboration. The third phase of challenges has begun and among them, you are asked to travel to the future slowly... We'll explain how to do it.

How to travel to the future slowly in Fortnite?

Update February 15, 2024 : 

The challenge was even simpler than we thought since you only need to play a game for 300 seconds to complete it.

Fortnite, in collaboration with the Ninja Turtles, launches the Cowabunga event, inviting players to relive iconic moments while facing off against Shredder, the Turtles' arch-enemy. Between wielding Leo's katanas and Mikey's nunchaku, the event offers a plethora of quests, including the captivating one of traveling slowly into the future.

This challenge, echoing a famous episode of the cartoon where the turtles travel through time, translates in the game into a journey to be completed by train. Simple in appearance, this challenge nevertheless requires preparation and an understanding of the enigma.

To succeed, you must locate the train on the Fortnite map and travel with it a specified distance. This requires not only knowing the train's route but also planning your route to avoid unnecessary clashes and concentrate on the challenge.

How to travel to the future slowly in Fortnite

Cowabunga quests are structured into six phases, each revealing a new aspect of the event. By completing these quests, players accumulate mutagen, allowing them to gradually unlock rewards, including the coveted Turtle Airship. Each phase brings its own challenges, and traveling into the future slowly is a key milestone in moving forward.

By participating in the event, you not only benefit from an immersion in the Ninja Turtles universe but also the opportunity to enrich your collection of rewards. This includes the Krang back accessory, unlocked after obtaining all six Krang blueprints from the different phases.