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Walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - all quests and investigations

 Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a new third-person action-adventure game where players take on the role of ghost hunters. Arriving in New England, they encounter a previously unknown otherworldly force, which manages to capture an entire city and almost completely exterminate its inhabitants. We have prepared a detailed walkthrough and useful tips for this game.

Walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - all quests and investigations

Game Tips

This section contains basic recommendations for beginners that will help save time and nerves at any stage of the game.

Inspect locations carefully

Regardless of the chosen difficulty level, gamers will have to upgrade their heroes. Therefore, in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, it is important to carefully examine locations in search of resources, various hiding places, and side activities:

  • Resources. Will be needed to improve weapons and equipment. Most often they will be found along the route, but can often be located on the outskirts of the map;
  • Chests and hidden treasures. The first will allow you to get game currency and some resources, while in hidden treasures you will find new equipment or weapons, as well as rare and expensive ingredients;
  • Side activities. In large locations, you will find special summoning places where you will have to defeat one strong opponent or a group of elite enemies. As a reward for completing activities, the characteristics of the protagonists will be increased.

Return to previously explored locations

As the story progresses and new locations open, you will come across places to relax. The game allows you to quickly move between places you have already visited. Since most of the necessary mechanics will be revealed in the later stages of the passage, do not forget to return in a timely manner and inspect previously inaccessible places.

What do endings depend on?

In Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, gamers can experience several endings, which will depend on the player's decisions:

  1. Resurrect Anthea. Swear to the girl to bring her back to life, complete all available presence tasks, and also sentence at least 50% of the inhabitants to death.
  2. Help raise Anthea. Swear to the heroine to help her ascend, and complete all available presence tasks, but sentence less than 50% of the inhabitants to death.
  3. Betray Anthea. In this case, choose any oath, but do not fulfill the conditions for it (points “1” and “2”).


This is a kind of training mission where gamers will get acquainted with the basic game mechanics. After the cutscene in the building, you will have to find a workaround. Turn the camera to the left and look for barrels that can be broken. Continue along the only path until you encounter monsters.


Collect supplies - they will often be found along the route and will be useful for upgrading weapons and equipment. After reuniting with Red, run along the only path into town. There will be several forks here. If you examine all the places, you will find resources and several notes.

Arriving in New Eden, a settler will speak to the heroes. You also have the right to learn news from other residents of the town. Continue running along the main road and enter the tavern. Listen to Fairfax Heiskell, and after the video, you can ask him some questions.

Before leaving, inspect the building for coins and notes, and then proceed to Charles's house. There are many interactive objects on the first and second floors, but the quest requires you to interact with only three: one in the bedroom and two in the office. They are highlighted with a special icon.

Where to Find Pyrite and Sea Loosestrife

Having received the information, return to the widow, and then go to the cemetery. Find Charles's grave and a place for the ritual, but first, you will have to find resources. Pyrite can be found on the rocks and Sea Loosestrife on the shore.

How to perform a ritual

Once the ingredients have been found, return to the central part of the cemetery and perform the ritual. Select Listen, then go to Charles' grave and talk to the spirit.

Death to the dead

Escort the widow to the estate and follow the marker to the house where you can rest. After several long cutscenes, control will pass to Red. Look around the room, pick up resources and notes, then run to the church. The first boss battle awaits you here, but you only need to complete the first phase of three.

Use basic attacks as well as banishing to deal increased damage. When there are a lot of opponents, you will need to find the real spirit and attack it. Once the battle is over, watch the video ending the mission.

End of the earth

After waking up in the cave, look around and collect supplies. Follow the shore forward - there will be only one path. Once in a clearing with wolves, kill everyone and rise higher. At the fork, turn left to find a chest.

Wolves will also be waiting at the waterfall but under the leadership of a strong monster. Enter the cave and explore the waterfalls. The spirit of Anthea will be waiting behind one of them.

Now you have a partner with his own unique abilities. Use the "Q" key to switch characters and interact with highlighted objects (when you find such places, the main character's rings will glow). Run through the cave and inspect the ritual site. Read the demonologist's notes and use Anthea's abilities several times to get the chest key and resources.

Once at the fork, turn right and go down. There will be resources here, as well as a passage to the occultist's chest, the key to which you found earlier. This is how you will receive your first amulet.

Continue until you come to a fork where one path is blocked by roots. You can return here at any time after receiving the necessary manifestation.

How to get over the bridge

Once at the bridge, use the descent on the right and completely inspect the location. This will begin the new quest “Hungry Hunters”. To get across the bridge, you will have to complete it.

Hungry Hunters (The Case of Presence)

In the same location, find a survivor named Trapper. The guy will talk about his missing friend, as well as constant nightmares. At the end of the dialogue, collect resources and read the notes in his hideout, then ask permission to take the rope.

In the shelter, find several clues: rotten meat and a lounger by the fire. Exit and run along the right side, then get to the descent into the cave with a chest.

Go back and follow the cliff. Tie a rope, climb down, and switch to the ghost - only your partner can see in the thick fog. First of all, find and destroy the stones from which it appeared.

In the same place, perform a ritual to see how Benedict died. Find a passage along the ledge and use the rope to go down to the stream. After examining the body of the deceased, you will understand what really happened. Finally, fully explore the location and find the hidden chest in the cave, then run to the survivor's hideout.

Take a bowl of meat on the cabinet and perform the ritual of summoning the spirit. Talk to him and then make a decision.

Oath. To pass judgment or to help ascend?

Now you have to make your first choice in this game. In fact, it will not dramatically affect the ending, since you can still change your mind. But the point is simple:

  • If you want to bring Anthea back to life: you need to sentence more than 50% of all residents, whose problems you will solve as you progress. In this case, there will be enough souls to return the girl;
  • If you want to help ascend: in investigations, choose “Help Ascend” or “Exile”.

Note: For this walkthrough, we will always follow the resurrection path in order to bring the heroine back to life in the finale.

Immediately after the decision, you will be faced with another choice. The player must make an oath to his beloved, which will directly influence the ending. A few clarifications need to be made here:

  1. If you swore an oath to bring back to life and then collected the required number of souls, you will receive one ending.
  2. If you swore an oath to help ascend and didn't kill people, you will get the second ending.
  3. If you took any oath, but as you progress through you make opposite decisions, for example, you took an oath to return to life but did not collect the required number of souls, you will get the third ending.

Forest inhabitants

Return to the bridge, use the rope to go down the left side, and switch to Anthea. Look at the blue cloud, then press "C" to move to the other side.

You will find yourself in another small location - examine it. We recommend starting on the right side. There is ghostly activity right in the center of the map. Use the summoning ritual, defeat enemies, and get a bonus to the characteristics of heroes.

First of all, try to destroy the Alpha Tormentors, because while they are alive, all other heroes acquire additional protection.

You need to climb onto a hill to once again use the heroine’s ability and move to the opposite side.

Once you reach the lonely hut, watch the cutscene, and then get ready to fight the living dead. From this moment on, evil souls can take possession of the bodies of the dead. Don't forget to examine the house - inside there is a chest with supplies and a note.

How to open a trapper chest in a hunting camp

Once at the survivors' camp, talk to Kate near the large building at the entrance to the settlement. If you go up the stairs to the house, you will find a locked chest on the left. It can be opened with the key that lies on the table in your hut (will be marked on the map after the dialogue).

We also recommend checking out other houses in the village - you will find additional unlocked chests with supplies.

How to find treasure using a map in a hunting camp

A little later in the story, you will find a treasure map (we will indicate its location below). You can find it not far from your house in the camp. Leave the house and turn right. If you are facing the house, run along the path to the left and go down to the river. The treasure will be hidden under a stone right on the shore.

How to find treasure using a map in a hunting camp

How to find treasure using a map in a hunting camp

Hammer and Pincers (The Case of Presence)

This is a mandatory task that is included in the presence to-do list. Go to the blacksmith's hut and examine the workshop outside. Based on several clues, the heroes will create a portrait of the blacksmith. To continue the investigation, go around the house and talk to Nellie. She will allow you to examine the shack. Among other interactive objects, be sure to examine the bed and use the Listening ritual.

Go out and use Anthea's ability. She will see tracks - run along them after the missing blacksmith. Along the way, you will pass through locations with several forks. We recommend inspecting each path, collecting all resources, and opening side activities.

The tracks will lead you to the hut where Fortune is hiding. Listen to him, take the tools, and examine the supply chest. Continue following the tracks - along the way, you will come across a ritual site.

Eventually players will end up at a cliff where a hammer lies . Find the rise on the left side and use your partner's ability. Defeat all enemies, and then summon the ghost of a real blacksmith.

On the way back, don't miss the small cave with a chest and a resting place (shelter). By the way, this is where you will find the first treasure map.

Returning to the workshop, you have to choose what to do with the deceitful blacksmith and his lover. If you follow the path of resurrecting the heroine, then the most humane option is to take the man’s soul. In this case, the reputation of the merchant Nelly will decrease.

Caution First (The Case of Presence)

Examine the marked hut on the map and find a pot , letters, a map, and a bucket. Follow the marker through the thicket. Along the way, you will find a locked house and many additional activities. You can find them all now or come back any time later.

Near the locked house you will find a ranger figurine (1).

A little further, don't miss the Altar of the Incarnate (initially it will be indicated by a question icon). Finding it will give you an increase in health points.

In the next location, examine the stump with the fish symbol. On it is a figurine of a ranger (2).

Find Prudence nearby and talk to her. Anthea will offer to follow the trail of numbers. In a small cave, break the rotten boards and find a diary with a code. A little further in the next cave, find a seal with a cross.

Continue following the code until you see an opening into a cave. Here is the last ranger figurine (3).

On a hill in the same location, there is a question mark - you can skip it, since you currently do not have the necessary ability to open the cursed chest. But this is how the additional task “Rupture” will begin.

Once you reach the location marked on the map, you will find Thomas' murder weapon and be able to summon a ghost. At this moment, Prudence will appear. What to do with it is up to you. We took her soul for the further resurrection of Anthea.

When you're done, check out the cave below the waterfall for a rest area. Don't forget to open the chest and pick up a new weapon. On the way back, explore the locations again if you suddenly missed the places where ghosts were summoned.

The Dwellers of the Forest quest will resume when you complete one of the two available Presence Jobs, but we recommend completing them both. Return to camp and tell Kate everything. She will offer to rest in the shelter to wait for her sister to arrive. Do this and run to the tall house again. When you approach the door, a cutscene will begin.


The thick-skinned woman will offer a job - to deal with a strange beast that has appeared in the forest and is attacking the settlers. First, you have to talk to Kate and ask the girl to borrow a musket. We can’t say for sure whether there is variability in this segment, but here are the answers we chose:

  • Do you really want to prove that you're right?
  • Your sister protects you;
  • I'll give you back the musket.
Take the musket from behind the fire and head to the bridge through the forest. Now this is your second weapon - you can improve it and replace it with other guns as needed. It is worth noting that rifle shots do not add rage points to the main character.

At the bridge, talk to Belavd, the guy in the hat who will open the passage for you. Once in the Gloomy Grove, knock down the barrel from the tree with a musket (in the future, pay attention to the hanging objects and chained souls), examine the ordinary chest and turn left at the fork. There is another magic chest in the house.

Get to the cave entrance and shoot the log . Once at the fork, first examine the left and central passages (resources here), then run to the right. Go down and move the trolley.

There will be another trolley here - you won’t be able to move it now, because there is a load attached to it. Stand on the wooden platform and shoot the rope to free the trolley.

Move it, but don't squeeze between the rocks. Instead, stand on the minecart and go higher. This will take you to the top level. On the opposite side, also move the cart on the rails and climb onto the wooden platform. At the top there is a chest , as well as a rope that holds the logs.

Go back and pull yourself up on the rock to get to the top of the passage. From here you can use Anthea's jump.

Note: There is a passage to a cursed chest in this same location, but you won't be able to open it right now. You can return here after receiving Anthea's second skill.

Continue forward and turn left at the fork. Above the water behind the cliff you can find a cage with a soul fragment. And another one like this on the shore in front of the hut. It will be possible to get into the house itself later.

Having reached the marker, examine the animal corpses - a passage will open and evil spirits will appear. To unlock the locked beach hut, turn left at the fork. Shoot at the boards holding the door, and then go down, examine the chest, and read the note.

Eventually, you will encounter a mini-boss, the spirit of Nicholas Doolan. After the fight, use Anthea's skill to remove the veil and read the notes, as well as find the whistle.

Climb the rocks and enter the cave - here is a fast travel point. Walk a little more through the cave and find a new large location. According to the plot, you need to go in the other direction, but here players will find additional activity (the elite enemy Persistent Hunter) and some resources.

Once done, return to the cave again and follow the marker. First of all, activate the Altar of the Unseen, in front of which you will have to fight a group of ghosts. Cross the bridge and also look around. The next bridge will be broken - run along the left side and use the jump. Before this, you can walk along the shore to find a regular chest .

How to open the “Forgotten Items” chest

Go down to the small house, go around it, and open it on the other side. Inside is a locked chest, the key to which you will find nearby. If you look at the map, you need to run west, lower the rope, and follow to the river bank. Here you will see a dock and a corpse nearby - examine it to find a key.

How to find the Beast

Having done this, run after the marker and examine the evidence along the path of the group of settlers. Here you will find several notes and corpses, one of which will be suspended from a tree. You'll have to first free him with Anthea, and then shoot at the rope.

At the fork, enter the cave. Here, examine the evidence and several diaries. Having got out, Anthea will find another echo under the cart - move it. This way you will receive a dog whistle and see memories, after which the heroes will understand the overall picture of the events that took place.

How to defeat the Beast

There will be no further forks - just follow forward all the time until you find yourself in a spacious location. There is a battle with the first story boss.

Like all powerful enemies in the game, the Beast has three health bars. After destroying each of them, the weak point on his body will change - this is the head, front, or hind legs. Shoot and hit this area with your sword to deal maximum damage.

From time to time, regular opponents will appear in the arena. We advise you to destroy them in a timely manner, as they will prevent you from achieving your final goal.

Thick-skinned - spare or sacrifice?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of oath you made to Anthea. If you chose “Ascension”, then it’s worth sparing. For Resurrection, sacrifice Thickskin. We chose the second option since we are following the path of resurrection.

We will update this guide soon.