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Walkthrough of Pacific Drive - tips for the game

Pacific Drive is an action game with a deep plot in the science fiction genre, where the main character finds himself in the Exclusion Zone face to face with numerous anomalies. Players will have to survive in these difficult conditions, and their faithful companion - a reliable car - will be the key to solving the mysteries. In this guide, we described the passage of all story quests and also gave useful tips for the game.

Adjust difficulty level

This advice will probably be useful to most players. If you don’t want to engage in constant collecting and crafting, but simply explore locations and advance through the plot, then follow these steps:

  • Open the menu “Settings” - “Game”;
  • Turn off damage to the car;
  • Adjust the damage to the player;
  • Turn off death;
  • Disable penalties for failed missions;
  • Activate infinite fuel;
  • Turn off radiation damage;
  • Enable free car repairs after a successful mission.

Note: Disabling some features will affect your ability to earn in-game achievements. If you want to open achievements, you will have to refrain from using some settings.

It is important that you can switch these parameters directly during gameplay.

How to avoid a storm

In some locations, the player is literally protected from the appearance of this anomalous phenomenon, while in others, on the contrary, he will constantly encounter it. During our playthrough, we noticed that frequent interaction with other types of anomalies will affect the appearance of the storm - a large cloud that can also be tracked on your map (APK). Just try to avoid any interactions with anomalies.

Olympic Peninsula

When control passes to you, follow the only road forward all the time without turning anywhere. Game-based learning will be available along the way. Use the "C" keys to turn on the wipers and "Z" to activate the headlights.

Olympic Peninsula

When you reach the massive fence, turn left and move along the rough terrain. Anomalies will begin to appear here - ignore them and follow forward until the cutscene begins.

Olympic exclusion zone

Having lost your vehicle, run along the only path until you reach the passage between the rocks (there will be a yellow road sign on the right). Kick the bushes using the "F" key and examine the old car.

Now he is missing a wheel - to the right of the garage, find a spare tire, pick it up, and install it on the vehicle.

Get into the car, turn the key, and engage the gear (there are only two of them - Drive and Parking).

How to refuel the car

Drive straight, and after a few hundred meters the car will stall - it will run out of gas. There will be another vehicle standing right in front of you, where you can pump out some fuel. To do this, go back to the trunk of your new car and pick up the canister. Interact with the gas tank of the destroyed car and refuel yours.

Offee's Garage. How to get to the shelter

From this moment on, a yellow veil will appear on the way - special anomalies. Try to drive past them as quickly as possible, as the hero will lose health. When you reach the fork, turn right towards the large garage. It will become your main base.

Offee's Garage. How to get to the shelter

Once inside, interact with the switch on the wall next to the red light bulb.

Find the backpack on the nearest table in the next room and take it.

Offee's Garage. How to get to the shelter

To the right of the table where you picked up the backpack, there is a mechanical eye . With it, you can scan objects and switch between items in your inventory.

Offee's Garage. How to get to the shelter

Repair the car

Use the first aid kit on the wall at the back of the garage and drive your car inside. A marker of a flying wheel will appear on the location. Pick it up and install it on the vehicle again. Now you need to collect a certain amount of resources to create a makeshift door. Find a crowbar in the garage and use it to break open the trunk of a destroyed car on the street. Interact with the trash can to get the first recycler. A trash can, by the way, can be used as an endless source of resources.

To create a makeshift door, bumpers, and headlights, use a stationary workbench.

Having done this, the task will be updated. Find repair paste in the garage and repair individual parts of the car. Also, replace a flat tire with a spare tire (you can find it in the garage or craft it at a workbench) or craft a set of sealants.

Scan a poorly secured wheel, find a mechanic's kit, and use it on the site. The task will be updated.

Preparing for the Zone

Place cardboard boxes (makeshift storage) in the trunk, a craft mat (workbench), and an APK (map) on the passenger seat. You will also find all this in the garage. Before the outing, we recommend disassembling several cars and other items in order to craft the missing doors, headlights, and bumpers (optional).

Study the diagrams of the gear and impact hammer, because they will be needed to extract individual resources during the foray. Don't forget to refuel your vehicle and fill the canister in the trunk. Be sure to create or take one spare tire from the garage.

Charge your battery and use the map to plan your route. The back door of the garage will open and you can go on your first foray.

Into the unknown. How to break plasma generators

Having arrived at the location, look around and find large glowing flasks. They contain the resource you need to create an antenna, but to extract it you first need to create a hand hammer.

If you don't have enough resources to craft this tool, check out the nearby buildings and also craft two gears at the workbench. When you're ready, assemble the tool, go to the flask, and use the hammer.

Using the same principle, you need to destroy other flasks, only most of them will be located next to electrical anomalies. Notice the energy that rises up the tower. When it reaches its peak, it will burst out in a certain direction. At this moment you need to run up to the flask and use the impact hammer.

Explore the location in any order, but collect at least five units of plasma. Along the way you will also encounter several anomalies. “Tourists,” for example, do not need to be touched or hit by a car, because they cause damage when destroyed.

Try to stay away from the "Abductors" - large flying robots that will try to kidnap you at the first opportunity. They won't do anything if you're in the car.

How to find a radio station

Check the map and follow the marker. On a hill, you will find a radio tower where you can get a radio transmitter. There is no need to enter the building - inspect the right side of the building and find the electrical panel.

How to find a radio station

How to find an anchor

Three marks will appear on the map. Go to any of them and pick up the glowing sphere - the anchor. Place it in the APK on the passenger seat, then select a location to create the portal. Follow the marked area and direct the car into the large pillar of light. The sortie will be completed.

We will update this guide soon.