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Wilduck Burger Persona 3 Reload Challenge, how to complete the challenge?

 Are you looking for how to complete the Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload? We'll explain everything here!

Wilduck Burger Persona 3 Reload Challenge, how to complete the challenge?

InPersona 3 Reload, the Big Eater challenge at the Wilduck Burger is important if you want to improve your courage and obtain interesting rewards for the rest of your adventure. It's not just a matter of devouring an astronomical quantity of burgers, but rather of making the right choices to succeed.

This challenge, accessible as soon as you enter the Iwatodai shopping center, does not require any specific skills from your character. However, by knowing in advance the answers to give, or rather the choices to make, you can save time in your progress, which is not negligible.

How to participate in the Wilduck Burger Challenge?

  • Where and When:  Meet at Wilduck Burger in the evening, no special prerequisites.
  • Procedure: Choose the Big Eater option for 1,800 Yen

You can try it once a day, but be careful. In the event of a wrong answer, the challenge ends, and you gain 2 Courage points, but you will only be able to try it again the next day.

What are the choices to complete the challenge?

To win this challenge, follow these steps when asking questions:

  • Don't look at the hamburgers
  • Eat without stopping .
  • Imagine something sour


  • Immediate: Two points of charm, and two points of courage.
  • Long-term: Access to the secret Weekend menu at Wilduck, available only on weekends as its name suggests.
  • Bonus: Completing this challenge satisfies a request from Elizabeth, enriching your quest for Twilight Fragments.
The Big Eater challenge at Wilduck Burger in Persona 3 Reload is more than just a test of gluttony; since it allows you to improve your social skills. The rewards, both immediate and long-term, make this a must-play activity for all players looking to enrich their gaming experience.