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A beginner's guide to Outcast - A New Beginning. How to earn money, improve skills and complete side quests


A beginner's guide to Outcast - A New Beginning. How to earn money, improve skills and complete side quests

The open world in Outcast - A New Beginning is huge, and the story allows you to complete activities and side quests in any order. Almost immediately the entire exposition is dumped on the player and sent to explore a new world. In this guide, we have collected the most useful tips for the game to help you figure it out faster and get the best experience from the action adventure game.

How to make money (zorkins)

To buy useful upgrades, you will need a lot of local currency - zorkins. The easiest and most reliable way to earn them is to look for valuable items that are scattered throughout the world. These artifacts can later be sold to traders who are marked with a bag of coins. Here are some of the valuables we were able to find and their value:

  • Figurine of Ancient Sai - 100 zorkins;
  • Blue helidium flower - 100 zorkins;
  • Precious ore - 60 zorkins;
  • Golden mushroom - 20 zorkins;
  • Talan figurine - 15 zorkins.

How to pass the eruption slide

You need to kill the specified number of monsters, then go to the center and press the action key (by default it is “E” ). To destroy a hole, you need to hit it in melee three times. After each hit, several monsters will crawl out of the hole, but you can hit three times before they attack. As a reward, you will receive resources for improvement.

How to enable teleport (daoku)

To activate teleport and quickly move, the Daoki core is used. You can find him at the outpost, not far from the activation site. Many outposts are covered by an energy shield and will open as you progress through the story, so there is no need to find the cores first.

How to pass the Altar of Essence

After activating the portal, follow the light, which will lead you through the obstacle course. This must be done in a limited time, visiting all control points. Use dashes and jumps to move faster and save time. It's best to have multiple batteries for multiple jumps. As a reward, the character's maximum health will be permanently increased, which will greatly help throughout the game.

How to assemble a bugot

The game has a lot of resources that are obtained in an unusual way. To pick up a bugot mushroom, you need to slowly approach it until the interaction button appears. If you get too close, it will explode.

How to choose morag

In the settlement of Emea, morag fruits can be found on the treetops . To collect them, jump as close as possible and press the action button. There is a slight delay during the flight, so it is not necessary to be nearby during collection.

How to complete additional tasks with parkour

Find the glowing flower and activate it. Not all lanes can be completed at once; you will additionally be shown what skills are needed to successfully complete the task. By touching the blue orbs, your charges will be restored and will allow you to make additional jumps. Red spheres, on the contrary, slow down the player. The test is not timed, but it is usually at higher elevations and cannot be continued quickly. Sometimes it's easier to start the test over than to try to get back on track. At the end, breaking Orim's chest with a melee attack will yield a blue helidium .

Where are the rare items?

A lot of diaries, weapon parts and story items are underwater. To dive, press the kick button. It's not always possible to spot clues on the surface, so dive more often and deeper to find all the secrets in the murky waters.

How to improve skills

To improve the jetpack, you need blue helidium , which is obtained in tests. And to improve your fighting techniques, you need to collect nano-batteries, which drop from defeated enemies and supply chests.

How to upgrade weapons

Having opened the combat skill “Upgrading modules”, the character can improve body kits through the menu. This will require nano batteries. The ability to improve weapons will open later in the story. You can do this at the hermit in the southwest of the map.

How to help a settlement

Each village has a warehouse where certain resources can be transferred. Residents will need them when completing secondary missions. Try to replenish these racks whenever possible, so as not to waste time on this later.

How to complete side quests

Chat with locals who have an exclamation mark hanging over them. This will open a new line of quests. To view your progress, open the map menu and select the desired settlement. A new window will show forks, progress and required goals. Select the desired icon, then click LMB on the task text on the right in the menu that opens. This way the character will put a mark on the map, which will make completing the task easier. Many quests require a little game time, and progress can be seen in the quest log as a blue bar.