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A good little home Dragon's Dogma 2: Why follow this quest as a priority?

 If there's one quest to do quickly in Dragon's Dogma 2, it's “A Good Little Home” given by Mildred. This quest will be really useful to you for the duration of your adventure in DD2 and we explain why in this article!

A good little home Dragon's Dogma 2: Why follow this quest as a priority?

A good little home... Why should you quickly follow this quest?

In the capital of Vermund, a young woman named Mildred, who seems to like traveling, will offer to watch her house for free. A somewhat dubious offer, especially when we know the history of our Insurgent in Dragon's Dogma II . However, this is not a trap, Mildred has a good heart and will let you benefit from her accommodation for a whole week, so 7 nights in play.

His house is not big and housing is completely non-existent in Dragon's Dogma 2, but having this house in the capital will be very useful to you!

It will allow you to rest for free, to deposit objects in your private chest, to achieve the “Everyone is fighting for the Insurgent” trophy by bringing two people into your home who admire you (can be done easily by accepting escort missions and wooing any NPC with bouquets of flowers), but above all receiving gifts! Transstones, liquors, potions, rings, weapons... Solving different quests increases your affinity with NPCs and the more quests you complete to help them, the more gifts you will receive.

So, in addition to saving precious gold coins, you will be showered with gifts for simply completing quests.

Where to find Mildred to complete this quest?

Mildred is in Vermund's capital, Vernworth, and will wander the streets of the latter. So you just have to go around the city to find it. As you pass by her, she will immediately accost you, so you won't need to accost every NPC in town.

Where to find Mildred to complete this quest

This quest was given to us shortly after our arrival in the capital, so go meet this young woman to use her house for free. Then you can buy it for 20,000 gold coins. It's a big expense at once, but an investment that will be highly beneficial over time.

The house in Batthal… Should you buy that too?

  • Rest assured, there are no spoilers, just an extra tip to make your adventure in Dragon's Dogma 2 easier!

Later in your adventure, an NPC will offer to buy a house in Bakbattahl, the capital of the neighboring Vermund region. Although the atmosphere is somewhat strange, accept the offer, there is no scam. You will save many gold coins (9999 gold coins per night at the inn…) and will thus be able to benefit from a base in this region.