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All Aeris weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them

 These are all Aeris' weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, their abilities and what you need to do to get them. Get all the combat staves with our help.

Like each of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth , Aeris has her own weapons and skill manuals . In the case of the flower girl, we find combat staffs that prioritize magical abilities . Statistics or damage values ​​are not included, as these will change as each character's weapon level is raised .

These are all of Aeris' weapons and what you need to do to get them. Remember that if you don't collect any from chests, you can later buy them at any weapon store.

Defensive baton

Magic staff treasured for many years, whose use is sustainable for the planet.

How to get the Defensive Staff

It is Aeris' default weapon.

ancient cane

Warm-to-the-touch cane made from the wood of a huge ancient tree.

How to get the Millennial Staff

It's at Bill's Ranch, the grassland region 's chocobo ranch . He goes to Chloe's Shop and looks to the right of him to see a purple chest, he can't miss it.

imperial staff

Historical cane once given to an empress.

How to get the Imperial Staff

It is located in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the inn in Lower Junon, in the Junon region.

How to get the Imperial Staff

Arcane Staff

Magic staff that is said to have belonged to a legendary sorcerer.

How to get the Arcane Staff

It is on the hill that leads to Mount Corel from the Costa del Sol trail, in the area of ​​the destroyed cable cars that has its own map. Climb up to the rest area and look to the left to see the chest next to the rocks.

Wisdom Staff

Sacred staff used during planet prayers.

How to get the Wisdom Staff

It can be found in a chest in Chapter 10. As soon as you arrive at the Gi Village (after the fight in the Gi Cave), look to the left of the bench in the rest area to see the chest.

Prismatic staff

Magic staff decorated with the feathers of a supernatural bird with a hypnotic chirp.

How to get the Prismatic Staff

You have to complete the Versus Shinra Simulator . Doing so will open a room where you will find the chest with the weapon.


Supreme staff created by the Cetra to protect the planet.

How to get the Gambanteinn

During Chapter 13 , progress to the part where you control Aeris . After going down some stairs, after using the Life Stream on a jug , he looks back and you will see the chest.