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All the bosses in Palworld: where to find, how to defeat and catch


All the bosses in Palworld: where to find, how to defeat and catch

You've probably already visited the Rhine Tower, as it's required to complete the tutorial. If you were unable to defeat the enemy who is in this tower, then we will tell you how to do it quickly. In addition, in the guide we will reveal the location of all Palworld bosses , point out their weaknesses and discuss the conditions for victory, so that you can reduce the time spent on grinding and be as effective as possible in battle.

There is virtually no single-player content in Palworld, since the project was released in early access mode. At the moment, the main incentive for exploring the game world and developing progression are battles with bosses, of which there are several in the game. They are located in different parts of the map, and in order to fight a certain enemy, the player needs to prepare and develop a plan.

Locations of all Palworld bosses. Locations of special enemies and the order in which they appear

We have marked the location of all boss towers on the map. And also the order in which you should ideally fight each opponent:

  • Grizzbolt and Zoe.
  • Lilin and Lily.
  • Axel and Orserk.
  • Marcus and Faleris.
  • Victor and Shadowbeak.
Having arrived in the desired region and specified area, you should pay attention to the high tower from which beams of light emanate. This is the same arena with the boss. You can enter it, just go to the main entrance. An interaction icon will appear, clicking on which the player will begin the battle with the boss. But be careful: once you enter the tower, you will not be able to leave until you defeat the enemy or die. We hasten to reassure you in advance: all the loot lost after death will lie next to the tower.

Locations of all Palworld bosses. Locations of special enemies and the order in which they appear

Below we will talk in more detail about how to defeat each boss and what tactics you need to follow. It's worth noting that players can fight large enemies in any order. For example, you can walk past Grizzbolt and Zoe's tower and go straight to the battle with Lilin and Lily. We just arranged the bosses in order of increasing difficulty. If Grizzbolt seems too difficult for you, then don't run to Shadowbeak!

It's also worth mentioning that you won't receive any major rewards for defeating bosses. Arena battles give a good increase in experience and five points to the technology tree for the first kill. Sometimes bosses can remove elements of an ancient civilization from the carcass, which are used in the construction of complex devices and weapons, for example, an incubator.

How to catch a boss in a pal-sphere

In the early version of Palworld, you can technically catch any tower boss using an exploit. To activate it, you need to attack an innocent NPC and get the “Wanted” tile. With it, go to any Arena Tower and enter it. The police will follow you and attack the boss. Wait for the cops to deal with the duo, then throw the sphere. Now you not only have a powerful pal, but also its previous owner. Most likely, this feature will be fixed over time, so add bosses to your collection in advance.

How to catch a boss in a pal-sphere

How to defeat Grizzbolt and Zoe

  • Boss health : 30,000;
  • Vulnerability : ground attacks;
  • Location : Rhine Syndicate Tower.
Grizzbolt and Zoey is the first boss that will be available to players after reaching level 10. Despite the fact that during the training you will be actively invited to the arena, we advise you to take your time and recommend collecting a collection of earth-type fires. Try to catch: Rushoar, Fiddler, Daedrim, Dumad and Gumoss. Most of these fires can be found in areas nearby the tutorial area.

Enter the Rain Syndicate Tower to fight the boss. You will see a square arena with several columns on both sides. Grizzbolt and Zoe are the easiest bosses in Palworld, but this pair can cause a lot of trouble for an unprepared user. You can expect a combination of ranged and melee attacks from them, the damage from which can only be avoided behind the pillars. Try to run from place to place more often and cycle the abilities of Fiddler and Goomoss to weaken the electric Grizzbolt.

Here is a short list of tips that will come in handy for your first battle:

  • Wait until level 13 to unlock the crossbow. It will help you quickly deal with Grizzbolt's large health bar.
  • Change your fireballs often when they are low on health. It takes a very long time to restore knocked out monsters from their “egg” form.
  • Don't forget to use the fire's active skills, which deal a lot of damage. Don't rely only on passive skills.
  • Stock up on arrows. You will need at least 100 pieces. Headshots deal extra damage.
  • If Grizzbolt is preparing to attack your fella, then move it back into the sphere as quickly as possible. Then wait until the boss fires a beam into the void so as not to lose the monster out of nowhere.
  • As soon as a target mark appears on your body, you need to very quickly take cover behind the columns.
  • The early version of Palworld is quite crude and crooked, so you will often find yourself in situations where the Grizzbolt will get stuck behind columns and your fireballs will shoot into the void. Try, whenever possible, to return your monster to the sphere and then release it back so that the fell can re-target the boss and deliver accurate blows.

How to defeat Lilin and Lily

  • Boss health : 69,000;
  • Vulnerability : Fire attacks;
  • Location : Free Buddies Alliance Tower.
Lilin is the second boss in Palworld, which is advisable to visit after reaching level 25. She is quite slow, and her full potential is revealed at long distances and frequent area attacks (AOE damage). Before the battle begins, you should split up with your fire so that the boss does not shoot at the same point. She has a lot of health, so the battle can drag on for quite some time. Also try to keep your distance and hide behind columns to avoid a direct hit.

Take plenty of fire-type fireballs with you in advance . We recommend catching: Vixen, Ruby, Kelpsy Ignis (especially useful as his passive skill increases all fire damage by 25%), and Daedrim. Try using Foxparks' flamethrower to deal explosive damage to the boss. It is worth noting that Lilin has water attacks that will easily destroy your monsters. Try to return the fireballs to the spheres more often and dodge such attacks. By remaining attentive and vigilant, you will save your minions from early death.

Here's a short list of tips you'll need for the second battle:

  • If by the time of the battle you already have a musket open, then you can easily deal with the Lilin. It is enough to command the pals to keep their distance and re-aggro the boss towards you. Aim for the head to take as much damage as possible.
  • If you do not yet have a firearm open, then we recommend taking a crossbow with fire arrows to the battle. Avoid water attacks and summon Kelpsy Ignis to receive damage bonuses.
  • If Lilin shoots water bubbles at your pal, return the monster to the sphere as soon as possible. Avoid such damage and do not expose yourself to fire. Release them back as soon as the water bubbles disappear.
  • Small water bubbles pass through the pillars and hit the area painfully. Try to dodge such attacks. At the same time, do not forget to hide from the large water bubble. It doesn't go through columns.
  • The Lilin may get stuck behind the pillars and lose sight of you. Take advantage of this situation and deal as much damage to the head as possible.

How to defeat Axel and Orserk

  • Boss health : 130,000;
  • Vulnerability : ice and ground attacks;
  • Location : Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Fire.

Orserk is the third boss in Palworld with dual damage types: electric and dragon. He has level 40 and a huge number of homing attacks, so it is important for the player to increase his mobility and movement speed. We recommend bringing a mountable monster with you to avoid incoming damage, as well as a high-speed weapon with the ability to deliver quick attacks. Upgrade your armor to maximum in advance and take accessories with electrical resistance. Equip yourself with ice grenades and a single-shot rifle to deal damage. Try to aim for the head. Dodge area-of-effect electric attacks and return the fireballs to the sphere if necessary.

Assemble a party of fighters from earthen and ice fires in advance. We recommend catching: Ice Reptiro, Mammoresta Christ (an excellent tank with a high health reserve), Anubis (a good evasion percentage and high ground damage) and Frostallion. The last one is not so easy to catch, but this legendary monster will make the battle with Orserk much easier.

Here's a short list of tips you'll need for the third battle:

  • By level 40 you will unlock the shotgun. Use it as Axel and Orserc fight at close range.
  • Send the fells forward. At this time, shoot at Axel with a single-shot rifle.
  • Electric attacks deal area damage. Try to dodge such attacks, as columns do not always protect you from AoE damage.
  • The Orserc may get stuck behind the pillars and lose sight of you. Take advantage of this situation and deal as much damage to the head as possible.

How to defeat Marcus and Faleris

  • Boss health: 147,000;
  • Vulnerability: water attacks;
  • Location: Tower POD.
Phaleris is the fourth level 45 boss with a fire damage type. This fell is so strong that a pumped-up twin clone would be useful against him. Fortunately, you can get the same monster for your own collection. To do this, you need to cross Vanrim and Anubis to get a “fire-scorched” egg. Place it in the incubator. After a short period of time you will receive a very powerful Faleris. If for some reason you did not have time to open the incubator, then try to defeat the wild Faleris on the small island “Wildlife Reserve No. 3” and catch it in the pass-sphere.

Phaleris is resistant to water elements. You will need a very strong sword that can deal devastating damage. We recommend taking to the battle: Yormuntid, Suzaku Aqua and Azuroba. The listed monsters will cause great damage and repel enemy attacks. If you are lucky enough to catch Relaxaurus, consider yourself doubly lucky. This fell not only hits fire targets well, but also withstands a lot of incoming damage. The best way to kill Faleris: take two Relaxauruses into battle and switch between them when their health approaches zero.

Here is a short list of tips that will be useful for you for the quarter battle:

  • Put heat-resistant armor on your hero.
  • Bring fire retardant accessories.
  • Phaleris can attack with electric attacks. Keep an eye on the projectiles and the arena.
  • The boss is always in the air, so do not send melee attacks to attack.
  • Take an assault rifle or a rocket launcher. If you were unable to open them, then shoot at Faleris with a single-shot rifle.

How to defeat Victor and Shadowbeak

  • Boss health : 200,000;
  • Vulnerability : dragon attacks;
  • Location : PAL Genetic Research Tower.
Shadowbeak is the final boss of early Palworld. This monster belongs to the Shadow Element and is vulnerable to dragons. The latter are quite easy to find in the later stages of the adventure. But you shouldn’t rely only on the power of your fires. Shadowbeak is a very powerful opponent and you will need to prepare carefully for the battle. Bring the best weapons and armor with you. Your hero will need the skills of “vampirism” to restore lost health without wasting potions.

Shadowbeak will hit your dragons with ice attacks. We recommend taking to the final battle: Yormuntid Ignis, Astegon, Quivern and Relaxaurus Lax. The latter has quite powerful attacks against air targets and is capable of absorbing a lot of damage. The main principle of battle: mobility and protection. When maneuvering between the columns, make the most of the firepower. You only have 10 minutes to take away 200 thousand health!

Here's a short list of tips you'll need for the final battle:

  • Level up to level 50.
  • Bring accessories with dark resistance effects.
  • Equip the best armor and shield.
  • Don't count on the rocket launcher's power. The assault rifle is much more reliable. Take as much ammunition with you as possible.
  • Don't stand still. Shadowbeak constantly attacks in an area and deals a lot of damage. Run around the columns and shoot constantly. Your pal will not be able to distract the boss.