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All Cait Sith weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them

 These are all Cait Sith's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, their abilities and what you need to do to get them. Get the megaphones that allow you to support your companions in combat.

Like each of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth , Cait Sith has his own weapons and skill manuals . Cait Sith uses weapons that usually cause special effects , both buffing and altering enemies. Statistics or damage values ​​are not included, as these will change as each character's weapon level is raised .

These are all of Cait Sith's weapons and what you need to do to get them. Remember that if you don't collect any from chests, you can later buy them at any weapon store.

yellow megaphone

Megaphone used by a certain feline mascot to energetically encourage his comrades.

How to get the yellow Megaphone

It is Cait Sith's default weapon.

iron megaphone

Very robust iron megaphone that makes the voice boom.

How to get the Iron Megaphone

It is a default weapon of Cait Sith.

red megaphone

Very striking megaphone to encourage your comrades with vigor.

How to get the red Megaphone

Purchased at the Cosmo Canyon weapon shop.

crystal megaphone

Very beautiful crystal megaphone that makes the voice resonate harmoniously.

How to get the Crystal Megaphone

It's in the find warehouse. Take what you need from the warehouse, which is activated automatically during Chapter 10, in Cosmo Canyon. You just have to follow the man to the entrance of the warehouse and go down by opening the chests. The one with the gun is just before the exit below, turn around and you will see a ladder up to some screens and the chest.

How to get the Crystal Megaphone


Very luxurious bugle that has been passed down from tern to tern for generations of feline kings.

How to get the Gjallarhorn

Exchanging 45 Chocobera Herbs at the Chocobo Store in the Chocobo Abode in the Nibel region. Check out Chocobo Faena and Taming, it's all part of a secondary school.

Megaphone with echo

Very powerful megaphone that makes the voice boom through forests and mountains.

How to get the Megaphone with echo

Purchased from the Nibelheim Item Shop .

golden megaphone

Golden megaphone whose power is capable of frightening even wild beasts.

How to get the Golden Megaphone

During Chapter 11 there will be a time where you will play as Cait Sith . After reaching the basement of the mansion , before freeing Barret and Aeris, you will see a grate with a purple chest behind it . Step on the pressure plate to make a box appear, take out the moogle, pick up the box and throw it against the switch next to the grate to open the chest.