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All Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them

 These are all of Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, their abilities and what you need to do to get them. Obtain the protagonist's complete arsenal of swords.

Like each of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth , Cloud has his own weapons and skill manuals . Cloud uses greatswords whose abilities focus on maximizing damage and disrupting targets' actions. Statistics or damage values ​​are not included, as these will change as each character's weapon level is raised .

These are all of Cloud's weapons and what you need to do to get them. Remember that if you don't collect any from chests, you can later buy them at any weapon store.

deadly sword

Cloud's favorite greatsword, inherited from a comrade-in-arms.

How to get the Deadly Sword

It is Cloud's default weapon.

distinguished sword

Highly polished sword forged in times of the Republic.

How to get the Distinguished Sword

It can be purchased in Kalm's shop, but there is also one in a purple chest next to the Marsh Anchorage (Grasslands Area).

rune sword

Very enigmatic greatsword with an inscription from ancient times.

How to get the Rune Sword

He will be in your way during Chapter 4 , in the rest area right after the parade.

Force Eater

Magical greatsword forged from a mineral that emits a mysterious light.

How to get the Force Eater

It's in Chapter 8 . Move forward and when you reach Corel Prison, you will see the chest on your way as part of the story. It's hard to ignore.

crystal sword

Very sharp greatsword carved from a huge crystal.

How to get the Crystal Sword

It's in the Gongaga Reactor, the area you pass through during Chapter 9 as part of the story. In the room where you eliminate the first enemies, you can advance through a gap in a door or through a door to the southeast, already open. The chest will be in that room.

volcanic sword

Rudimentary greatsword forged from the lava of a volcano.

How to get the Volcanic Sword

This sword is found on Mount Nibel, on the way to the reactor. On the main route there will come a point where you will pass through an area with two climbable walls and a metal platform in the middle, the chest is there. Climb up either side and drop to the center to get it.


Greatsword with mako veins on its blade that improve its performance.

How to get the Perpetuator

It is obtained during Chapter 13. After changing gravity for the first time, shortly after moving forward you will have to climb a wall. The chest will be in front of you, as soon as you reach the top.

All Cloud's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them