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All Red XIII weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them

These are all Red XIII's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, their abilities and what you need to do to get them. Increase your support capabilities with all their necklaces.

Like each of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Red XIII has his own weapons and skill manuals . Red XIII wears a series of necklaces with magical properties that tend to offer group buffs . Statistics or damage values ​​are not included, as these will change as each character's weapon level is raised.

These are all the weapons in Red XIII and what you need to do to get them. Remember that if you don't collect any from chests, you can later buy them at any weapon store.

Mythril necklace

Mythril necklace made in Professor Hojo's laboratory and used to identify the wearer.

How to get the Mythril Necklace

It is Red XIII's default weapon.

Rebellion necklace

Necklace created in times of war that symbolizes the spirit of rebellion.

How to get the Necklace of Rebellion

It's in the mythril mine you cross during Chapter 3 , just when you switch to controlling Barret and Red XIII. It's next to where you start, next to the rest area.

How to get the Necklace of Rebellion

Silver necklace

Very fine silver necklace that, according to legend, scares away monsters.

How to get the silver necklace

You have to win in Wild Race.

amethyst necklace

Classic-looking necklace embedded with an enigmatic amethyst.

How to get the Amethyst Necklace

You must activate Kidnapping on a Black Robe in order to access the Abandoned Corel South Coal Mine, southwest of Corel North. As soon as you enter, look to the back and to the right to see the chest.

Gold necklace

Ostentatious necklace profusely decorated with gold dust extracted from the jungle.

How to get the Golden Necklace

It will be in the Gongaga Reactor, the area you go through as part of the story during Chapter 9. When you get to the part where you have to connect the second cable, you must move a box so that the cable reaches the console. Well, move the box to the bottom of the rails, you can climb it to exit through a hole at the bottom and reach the chest.

magic necklace

Majestic necklace worn by the warriors of the valley.

How to get the Magic Necklace

During Chapter 10, when you reach the part where Bugenhagen asks you to bring him items, climb the south wall and continue north to find a ledge with a necklace on the ground. You have to take it to Bugenhagen so he can identify it as this necklace.


Very exquisite necklace whose cutting-edge manufacturing far exceeds current standards.

How to get the Brisingamen

It is obtained during Chapter 13 . When, with Aeris' team, the monsters that block the jugs appear , you will have to detour to kill them. The chest with the weapon will be in the room west of the red plaque , on your way to one of them.