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All Tifa's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to get them

 These are all Tifa's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, their abilities and what you need to do to get them. Fight with different gauntlets, each with her special attacks.

Like each of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Tifa has her own weapons and skill manuals. Tifa wears gloves that serve to maximize damage and increase the damage percentage bar during the Vulnerable phase. Statistics or damage values ​​are not included, as these will change as each character's weapon level is raised.

These are all of Tifa's weapons and what you need to do to get them. Remember that if you don't collect any from chests, you can later buy them at any weapon store.

Leather gloves

Gloves worn from use in Tifa's daily training.

How to get the Leather Gloves

They are Tifa's default weapon.

Sylph Gloves

Gloves that allow punches to be delivered at a speed that cuts through the wind.

How to get the Sylph Gloves

They are in the mythril mine (the mine south of the grassland area, which you pass through in Chapter 3 ). Move forward from the entrance to the grassland area until you drop into a pit with a couple of enemies, the chest is on the side.

Kaiser Knuckles

Gloves with metal reinforcements on the knuckles.

How to get Kaiser's Knuckles

They can be obtained during Chapter 5. As soon as you defeat the first enemies in the warehouse, you will see the purple chest in the background.

dragon claws

Very sophisticated gloves inspired by the claws of a dragon.

How to get Dragon Claws

They are obtained by reaching at least 42,000 points in Desert Clash .

tiger fangs

Primitive gloves reminiscent of the sharp fangs of a tiger hunting its prey.

How to get Tiger Fangs

When you go to the Gongaga reactor with Tifa, as part of the story in Chapter 9 , advance to the flooded area where you will use the hook to climb through a hole. Once at the top, climb up the hook point to the north, just above the hole. From there you can see the chest, there is another point to use the hook next to you and that leaves you next to the chest.

How to get Tiger Fangs

crystal gloves

Very ostentatious gloves decorated with magic crystals.

How to get the Crystal Gloves

During Chapter 11, when you are on the way to the Nibel reactor, you will have to cross some bridges. The chest will be on your way after the first bridge, it is difficult to miss.


Gloves equipped with an energy core that enhances strength.

How to get the Járngreipr

In Chapter 13 , when the group separates , move forward naturally. After the Shinra soldiers , passing over the collapsed wall, he looks to the left to see the chest with the gloves.