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ALL wells in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Location

 We show you the location of the 58 wells that you can find on the surface of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so you know where they are and what's inside.

Wells are a new landmark that can be found throughout Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In total, there are up to 58 different wells distributed around the world and in them, you will find useful things for your adventure. If you want to know where they are all located or what is inside, we will tell you in this entry of our complete guide so that you have no doubts about it.

Location of the 58 wells of Hyrule

As we have already said, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom there are a total of 58 wells on the surface of Hyrule. In the following map, you can consult their specific positions:

Location of the 58 wells of Hyrule

  • If you need a closer look at the exact location of these wells, we recommend that you visit this interactive map from Tears of the Kingdom (via Mapgenie ).

Thanks to the map that we attach, although it is in English, it is very easy to filter the search for all the wells in Hyrule simply by first clicking on the "Hide all" button to deactivate all the icons and then within the "Others" section by activating the box "Well" so that all wells are marked.

Keep in mind that you will not find wells in the sky area or in the underground, they are only on the surface of Hyrule and can be easily found near posts, towns, and other emblematic areas of interest. Also remember that when you approach the entrance to a well its location will be recorded on your map, so later it is easy to know where the ones you have already found on your travels are.

What is inside the wells?

Wells are a playable novelty in Tears of the Kingdom that resemble caves, but should not be confused with them, as wells are generally smaller and more limited underground sections that have the following characteristics:

  • Wells are always entered by going down through their entrance (sometimes it can be blocked by rocks or ice).
  • In some wells, it is possible to find characters that are related to secondary missions or secondary adventures.
  • In all the wells you can find veins of minerals that are ideal to destroy with a hammer and obtain valuable materials in return.
  • Also in the wells, you will find certain fauna, such as luminous cavefish or sticky lizards to create sticky elixirs.
  • In some pits, there are also secret chests that can give you interesting items and even new armor.
Finally, we do not want to forget a character who is directly related to the wells. It's the woman called Fera, who has a side quest titled Passion for Wells that will allow you to earn 10 rupees for each well discovered that you show her. The first time you can find it inside the swamp post well, northeast of Hyrule Plain.

How to get out of the wells?

Unlike caves, the vast majority of wells only have a single exit as such, which is right where you entered. However, many wells also do not have stairs or they are broken and, therefore, when you go down inside you will find that you cannot return to the outside again.

In case this happens to you and you are wondering how to get out of the pits, remember that you always have Link's new Infiltration ability at your disposal.

All you have to do is equip this skill, aim at the ceiling inside the well, and look for an optimal point where you can ascend with the skill. This way you will come out the other side again to the surface.